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you (Y/n) Hawk sister of Tony Hawk are best friends with the...Turtles, April, and Casey. you were just thinking about how to spend the day with your favorite dude Mikey! ' maybe we could go scat boarding in the sewer pipes, or maybe have a video game marathon. ugh i cant choose.' " Earth to (y/n)!" Mikey shouted " hu?" you said "are you coming or no!" he asked "were?" you said "boarding, hello" he said taping on your head. " oh yeah lets go" you said. after about an hour or two you were going to show Mikey a trick Tony taught you but you messed up on one of the moves and landed on your foot wrong. "owww!" you screamed "(y/n)!! are you OK?!" Mikey screamed as he ran over to you. "no it hurts" you wined in pain. "I'll carry you back to the lair and have Donnie patch you up, okay!" he said as he picked you up and brought you back to the lair

****time skip brought to you by Cody my big brother!****

Donnie had put your foot in to a cast. yes its broken so boo. " (y/n) your gonna have to stay off your foot for a bit so Mikey is going to take care of you" Leo said as he left with Raph and Donnie for patrol.  you and Mikey spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching moves.

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