Chapter Two - Best friend's brothers

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With Juli

Juli looked out a window in Ema's new room as he started ranting on how it was going to be a battle. "Hmm, looking at those two, they look harmless. Even though I say this, on the first day, for you guys and me, there's no doubt that this will be a difficult fight. Anyways don't separate from my side in this house, understood?" Juil said. Hearing no reply he looked back "Eh? Chii! Hana!" He scurried down the halls "Chii! Hana!"

He looked over and saw an elevator. He jumped up and hit the down button and got into the elevator. When he got to the floor he ran out. "Where are you!? Where are you right now?" Juil yelled while running up and down the halls.

He ran up to the elevator again and saw two young men carrying bags standing inside it. He quickly ran behind the couch in the hall, but the boy with black hair noticed him.

"Subaru, what's wrong?" the older blonde male asked. "Ah, nothing" Subaru answered as he walked up to the couch and looked behind it. Juli fuming with anger yelled "You've arrived, you wolves! So you're the ninth son, Subaru."

Juli was suddenly picked up by the other male "A squirrel? Why is it in this place? What's wrong? Are you lost?" "So you're the third son, Kaname? Let me go, let me go!" Juli yelled struggling to get away, in the process hitting Kaname in the face. "Ouch!"

"Why are we taking it along?" Subaru asked. "It'd be better to keep it safe, just in case it's someone's pet" Kaname explained. "Rintarou has explained to Chii already, so I know all about you!" Juli squeaked.

"Rintarou said that you're the serious young man committed to the sport of basketball and Rintarou had sky high praise for you, but behind that serious face, no doubt that there are kinky fantasies running repeatedly through your mind!" To the two males all the small mammal was doing was squeaking.

Subaru and Kaname looked down at the small, grey squirrel. "Is it me or is this squirrel mad?" Subaru asked. Kaname look up and smiled "Yeah, I think so. Looks like it hates us".

At the third floor another young male walked in. He was wearing a school uniform and had grey hair and brown eyes. "Oh? Iori, you're home early" Kaname said. Iori looked down "I only came home since Ukyo said to". Kaname smiled sadly.

"So this guy is Iori, the really popular male" Juli said to himself. He looked around and noticed it suddenly got quiet. They finally reach the fourth floor, at which Kaname got out, "Okay, I'll join you after I change".

"These need to go to the kitchen, right?" Iori asked. "Yeah , grab one for me" Subaru answered. "Sure, what's that?" Iori asked again gesturing towards Juli. "Yeah, that's the thing....." Subaru said.

When they reached the fifth floor Juli escaped from Subaru "Oh! It ran away". "I am not running away! I am giving you a pass!" Juli spat at him running away when he suddenly heard "H-hello" and "Yeah, hey". "Those voices.... Chii! Hana!"

Juli arrived to the scene just in time to see a white haired male hugging Ema. "This is a 'nice to meet you' squeeze." At that point Juli was radiating with anger he jump at the male "Wh-why you!" But before he could get to the man another male with black hair and glasses hit the other man in the back of the head and he fell to the floor. Juli leap onto Ema's shoulder.

Back with the girls

(I know the picture I drew of Hana isn't the best but pretend she is really cute, like Ema)

"Sorry about Tsubaki. I'm Azusa. Nice to meet you" The Black haired male introduced. "That hurt Azusa" Tsubaki said rubbing the back of his head. Hana bit her lip to stop herself from laughing, but a small giggle escaped.

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