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I slid my arms under her back, unhooking her bra and pulling it off. Her tits fell out of their place, so much bigger and rounder than I remembered. I kissed her chest right in the middle of them and then sucked on one, taking the other in my hand and massaging it gently. She moaned my name, causing the bulge in my pants to press even harder against my jeans. I left a hickey just above her nipple before moving my focus to her tight shorts. I touched her through them, surprised to find that she'd already soaked them. Playfully, I bit the waistline of her shorts and pulled them off her legs, leaving just her underwear for me to rip off whenever I pleased.
"Come here," I growled, my voice hoarse with desire. She obeyed, sitting on the edge of her bed with her hands on her knees.
"Take off my jeans," I commanded. Her fingers reached out to slide over my waist as she undid the button and slid down my pants. I kicked them off before climbing onto the bed, pulling her onto of me. Her legs spread out wide on either side of me, her beautiful little pussy right on top of my dick. I had to pleasure her first, so I grabbed her waist and stripped her of her underwear. My eyes raked over the body I wanted desperately, that I needed more than the air I breathed. Eager fingers reached out and I stroked her clit gently, causing her to gasp lightly. I teased it a bit, the warm skin pulsing with want. After she couldn't handle anymore, she tilted back her head and moaned, heavy ragged breaths following it.
"Oh please, TJ, I need you," she begged. I couldn't say no to her beautiful face and lustful eyes. I pulled her down off of me and laid her on the bed, spreading her legs apart. I kissed her clit, sucking on it gently before licking it up and down. I found her most sensitive spot and pushed my tongue in deep, tasting all the juices. She began to buck her hips against my face and I smacked her ass roughly.
"No. None of that. I'm in charge, I decide what you do," I scolded her.
She whined softly but stopped moving, and I placed my lips back on her pussy. Reaching forward, I found the entrance and slid a finger into her, feeling the tight muscles clench. Her moans filled the air and I moaned against her skin, sending vibrations of pleasure up her spine. I began to thrust my finger in slowly, letting her orgasm build. I heard her breathing become breathless, rushed. I slide in a second finger and hook my fingers slightly, pushing them in deep and pulling all the way out, over and over. She cried out, her body shaking against my force. I pump her faster until she forms words together out of moans.
"Baby...I'm gonna..."
And I pulled away, watching her squirm as she couldn't quite make it over the edge.
"What...the hell...," she panted, sweat beading on her forehead. I smirked down at her, watching her frustration wreck her completely.
"My turn baby," I said, moving up to her. My fingers tangled in her hair and lifted her up, winning a cry of pain out of her. Her shaky body fell onto mine, her cheek pressed against my thigh. I removed my boxers, my hard dick springing up.
"Trance," I whispered into her ear, watching her slip away. I rubbed it before guiding it to her lips.
"Suck me, slave." I watched her lick the tip as pleasure trembled in my core. She took it into her mouth, the warmth closing in around me. I guided her head up and down, groaning when her tongue moved around me. I thrust myself deep into her throat, my pre-cum on her lips as she gagged. Damn she was so good, so obedient, I'd never had anything better than this. I never wanted it to stop.
"Mm kitten, you're such a slut," I moaned, reusing the name she used to love. A smile spread upon her lips and a low hum rose from the back of her throat, throwing my breathing into disarray. Her hands came up and stroked me roughly until I felt my stomach begin to twist. I made her pull away before forcing my way onto her body.
"Wake up," My head stroked her clit and she moaned a soft, low-pitched moan. Her eyes became clear again, more focused.
"Ready baby?" I asked, looking at her face. Her hair fell around her head, sprawled out in curls that made her facial features stand out. Her skin glistened, from sweat and cum and her lips quivered ever so slightly. Her legs spread farther apart and she sighed to relax.

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