So Close Yet So Far (Yuta)

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Yuta tapped his foot nervously as he waited at the airport. Your flight should be landing any minute, now, and he was there to help you with your bags and whatnot. You both had grown up in Osaka, living just a couple minutes away from each other. That meant you'd walk to and from school together. It was like that up until 7th grade when he stopped coming to school, and Yuta heard you had found out from his family that he had moved to Korea to begin training as an idol under SM Entertainment. Yuta was hoping he could have left without a trace. He didn't want to tell you "goodbye" because that would have just made things infinitely harder for him.


Yuta whipped his head around to see you standing a few feet away. And holy crap, you had gotten pretty. And were you wearing a skirt and makeup? The girl Yuta knew had been a fearless tomboy who laughed with him about anything and everything. But this was a good change. Or at least Yuta wasn't complaining.

"Hey! Y/N!" Yuta smiled as you squeezed him into a hug.

"How's my best friend doing?" you questioned, and Yuta smiled even though he had to admit he was mildly disappointed. Friend? After all those years you still thought of him as a friend, huh?

"I'm great. Much better now that you're here. I can't believe you're actually here in Seoul to study abroad. And you're fluent in Korean. That's incredible."

"I mean, it's not that incredible, babe. You did it yourself. And you had to train as an idol at the same time."

Yuta had forgotten that you liked to call him babe. If only it actually meant something to you and not just to him. He quickly loaded your suitcases into the trunk of the taxi he had called for. The rest of your bags would be delivered to your apartment by mail throughout the rest of the week. But until you could get a bed, you would be staying with the boys at their dorm, either sharing a room with Yuta or just crashing on the couch. Yuta knew how into NCT you were, but what he didn't like was how obsessed you were with Lee Taeyong. Every time you two talked on the phone, you were always asking of a sneak peek of the idol.

"We're home!" Yuta greeted the members in the dorm, and they all rushed to the front door, crowding around to get a look of you.

One member in particular made his way to the front, adjusting his pink-dyed hair on his forehead. He walked with confidence, stopping once he was right in front of you. He bowed, stretching out a hand. "Hi, I'm Lee Taeyong."

"I know," you smiled shyly, and Yuta rolled his eyes in irritation. If anything, you were the exact opposite of shy. You were bold, charismatic, and downright hilarious. What was wrong with you? Did you perhaps injure your funny bone? "I'm Y/N," you replied quickly.

"Ah, yes, you are. We've heard a lot about you. Why don't I show you around the dorm and then take you over to the SM Building? It'll be fun."

You agreed, and Yuta sighed in frustration, forgetting momentarily that the other members were still gathered there, and Mark raised an eyebrow.

"Bro, you alright? You look like someone just stole your girlfriend," Mark pointed out.

"Yeah, you're exactly right," Yuta scowled.

So, you and Taeyong had gotten infinitely closer over the weeks. Even though you had moved out from their living room into your own cozy apartment, that didn't stop you from coming around to visit the group almost once a day. Yuta loved it and hated it at the same time. He loved seeing you all done up everyday with a bright smile on your face, but the sad part was that the smile you wore wasn't for him. It was for freaking Taeyong. And he loved Taeyong in a manly man sorta way, but Yuta thought he had made it obvious to all of NCT that he was crushing hard on you when he described you to the members. Maybe Taeyong had been zoning off.

Suddenly, Yuta heard a squeal of excitement from the living room, and he rushed over along with a a few of the other members to see Taeyong wrapping you in a hug before he pecked your innocent lips.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can't just go around kissing Y/N like that," Yuta interrupted.

"Why not? We're dating now," Taeyong frowned.

"You have to get my approval first," Yuta argued, and Taeyong placed his hands on his hips. "And I certainly DO NOT approve."

"Yuta- why are you being like this?" you interrupted. And Yuta smiled. There was that little bit of sass in your voice and that tomboy-ish posture, although it really clashed with the image of you in makeup and a dress. "Got something to say to me?"

"Yes. And I guess I've been trying to tell you ever since we were kids living innocent lives back in Osaka on the same block. I really like you. Like Really Really. As in Winner's song... Um, I've liked you for so long, I can't even see anyone else. I think I went on a blind date, but I thought I was looking at you instead of the date, and I called her by your name and-"

"Y-you like me?" you stammered, and Yuta nodded, slowly approaching you.

"Yes. I do. And I probably seem like a big jerk for raining on Taeyong's parade, but boohoo, I liked you first, and I've waited nearly sixteen years to tell you that. Taeyong, there are other fish in the sea. And you might want to say the same to me, but you can't because I've already found my catch. Y/N."

"Awww and EWWW. I didn't know you could be that sappy," you laughed. "If you had told me sooner, I would have definitely said yes. Taeyong, look, I know you literally just asked me to be your girlfriend, and I probably sound super awful but-"

"No, you should date him. Yuta and you click so well together, it's insane. I was actually frustrated at the fact that he hadn't made a move, yet, so I thought you guys were just really good friends. But according to all good K-dramas, men and women cannot simply be 'just friends', am I right?"

All of you laughed, and Yuta was glad that Taeyong had been so understanding about everything.

"Winwin, will you be my fish in the sea?" Taeyong smiled, playfully batting his eyelashes at the boy.

Yuta coughed. "Um, he's sorta mine, too."

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