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Leila slumped back into my chest, this time waiting for the power to my voice to command her. I remember the first time she fell under my spell, and I laid in bed listening to her heavy and ragged breathing as it became mine, as she became mine. I couldn't help but let all the old feelings of desire come flooding back to me as I held her, her scent like a drug in my senses. I laid her down on the couch, staring at her closed eyes, her pointed nose, her soft lips. My gaze traced over the curves of her body, where her stomach met her hips and waist and curved down into her thighs. Her bare feet felt cold against my legs and I reached out and rubbed my hand up and down her shin. God, she was freezing. I wanted to take her in my arms and warm her up, to feel her heartbeat against mine. But I had work to do.
"You are in trance now, correct?"
Her lips moved but her eyes stayed closed, "Yes, master." The word made my stomach twist into knots of longing. She used to call me that, didn't she? How could I forget? Her sexy little voice moaning that word of obedience to me.
Stop it, you have work to do.
"Now, when you wake up, you will no longer feel sad. You will not forget what I said about Patrick, but it will no longer bother you. You will not be angry or upset or scared because of it. You will be happy when you wake up because your master is here to protect you. Do you understand?"
She replied again, still unmoving from where she lay, "Yes master."
I sighed, "Wake up."
Her eyes opened slowly and she sat up. She was quiet for a moment, but then she smiled.
I looked at her sideways, "How do you feel?"
"I'm good. I'm okay now. Thank you so much. I'm not even upset," she crawled over to me, her knees pressed against the side of my leg, and hugged me tightly. When she pulled away, I looked into her eyes. God, she was so close to me. I could feel my hands starting to shake on her back, and the emotion in her eyes changed to something serious. My left hand came up to hold her cheek, and before I knew what I was doing, I pressed my lips to hers, tasting the sweet flavors that haunted my memory. She stiffened before relaxing, letting the kiss break with our foreheads resting together, her hands resting at the base of my neck. The warm air of her breath blew against my face as she sighed.
"TJ...," she whispered. Hearing her say my name brought my lips back to her, feverish desire finally being relieved after all that time. She brought her hands up into my hair and leaned her body towards mine, aching for me. My hands traveled to her hips and I pulled her body up, moving with her so that I was under her on the couch. Her hair fell down and brushed my neck, causing every nerve to burn like fire where it touched. I found her tongue lying in wait in her mouth and I held it with mine, trying to taste every inch of it. When she pulled away, she shook her head, palms placed flat against my chest to hold herself up. She looked like an angel to me.
"We can't do this. We just can't. We agreed never to-"
"I don't care," I cut her off, "I want to be here and protect you."
I could've reached out and touched the silence between us. The words quivered on my lips before tumbling out.
"I need you."

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