I stepped off the bus and got a big smile crosses my face "Elvis!" I ran up the patio and hugged him

"why are you here?". he smiled " I got bored so I came to see you". I got an annoyed look on my face "is that the only reason"?

He smiled " no Grace i've missed you!" I looked up. He looked up too."Well what should we do"? I smiled "you just stand their and look pretty OK?" He laughed.

"And what will you do' I smiled "do my homework and listen to music"."I walked into my house and saw his guitar laying on the couch "Elvis, you brought the guitar".

He smiled " I'm gonna make my mama a record!" He grabbed his guitar "can I come Elvis?" I said with a whine in my voice "Yes you may Grace" he walked outside and got into his truck: I follow.

"Elvis, what happens if you become famous"? I said with a worried look on my face.

"Grace I'm just making a record for my mama" He started out of the driveway and down the street.

"Well I just hope u remember me if u do become famous Elvis". I put my head on his shoulder.

"I won't become famous"

As he stepped out the car he drifts away and so does the world around me.

As I awaken there was a knock at the door but when I answered all there was is a note saying *pack your things and get your little ass to the airport love E.P

I shrug "what ever you say little note."

I went to my closet and pulled out a few outfits and keept one out that's a blue tank top and black pants with blue high heals.

As I look at the note i realize there's a number at the bottom of the note.

So I called it.

*Ring ring*"hello?" a voice came from the other line.

"Hey umm.....you where the one who gave me the note right?" i wait for a answer.

"Yes i'm Gracie". "Do you have your things packed?" he coughs

"Yes I do when should I go to the airport?" I ask.

"Right now.......or whenever your ready" he says with a crack in his voice.

"Well im gonna head over to the airport ok?"

"Yes ma'am see you when you get here!" He hangs up.

I got up and finished packing and i packed some shoes I grabbed a mirror and put on some black makeup and brush my fire red hair. Then i walk outside and a man that gave me the note is waiting outside "im here to piuck you up Gace" he says with a froggy tone

"OK where should I put my bags?" I say and I smiled.

"In the trunk is fine Grace".

I put the bags in the trunk and head off to the airport with the man. "So your boss wants to see me?" I say with a smile.

"Yea Elvis hasn't shut up about you for the longest time".

My eyes widened. "Did u say Elvis?" I looked at him.

"Yes I did Grace" he smiles.

"Oh my god! I miss him so much!" I giggled.

"Well thats great, you know he's told me alot about you" He raises one eyebrow.

"Like what?" I blushed.

"Oh you know stuff like some stories"He chuckles.

"Like what?" I smile "tell me".