I stepped off the bus and got a big smile crosses my face "Elvis!" I ran up the patio and hugged him

"why are you here?". he smiled " I got bored so I came to see you". I got an annoyed look on my face "is that the only reason"?

He smiled " no Grace i've missed you!" I looked up. He looked up too."Well what should we do"? I smiled "you just stand their and look pretty OK?" He laughed.

"And what will you do' I smiled "do my homework and listen to music"."I walked into my house and saw his guitar laying on the couch "Elvis, you brought the guitar".

He smiled " I'm gonna make my mama a record!" He grabbed his guitar "can I come Elvis?" I said with a whine in my voice "Yes you may Grace" he walked outside and got into his truck: I follow.

"Elvis, what happens if you become famous"? I said with a worried look on my face.

"Grace I'm just making a record for my mama" He started out of the driveway and down the street.

"Well I just hope u remember me if u do become famous Elvis". I put my head on his shoulder.

"I won't become famous"

As he stepped out the car he drifts away and so does the world around me.

As I awaken there was a knock at the door but when I answered all there was is a note saying *pack your things and get your little ass to the airport love E.P

I shrug "what ever you say little note."

I went to my closet and pulled out a few outfits and keept one out that's a blue tank top and black pants with blue high heals.

As I look at the note i realize there's a number at the bottom of the note.

So I called it.

*Ring ring*"hello?" a voice came from the other line.

"Hey umm.....you where the one who gave me the note right?" i wait for a answer.

"Yes i'm Gracie". "Do you have your things packed?" he coughs

"Yes I do when should I go to the airport?" I ask.

"Right now.......or whenever your ready" he says with a crack in his voice.

"Well im gonna head over to the airport ok?"

"Yes ma'am see you when you get here!" He hangs up.

I got up and finished packing and i packed some shoes I grabbed a mirror and put on some black makeup and brush my fire red hair. Then i walk outside and a man that gave me the note is waiting outside "im here to piuck you up Gace" he says with a froggy tone

"OK where should I put my bags?" I say and I smiled.

"In the trunk is fine Grace".

I put the bags in the trunk and head off to the airport with the man. "So your boss wants to see me?" I say with a smile.

"Yea Elvis hasn't shut up about you for the longest time".

My eyes widened. "Did u say Elvis?" I looked at him.

"Yes I did Grace" he smiles.

"Oh my god! I miss him so much!" I giggled.

"Well thats great, you know he's told me alot about you" He raises one eyebrow.

"Like what?" I blushed.

"Oh you know stuff like some stories"He chuckles.

"Like what?" I smile "tell me".

Oh nothing bad ok" he laughs.

"OK!" I covered my face "im glad".

He smiled.

As we pulled in the airport he looked at me and then pointed to a big plane. "That's are plane he said he sent someone over on it." I smiled and got out of the car, he follows. I got the bags out of the car and headed over to the plane.

"That's a very very big plane does he own it?" i asked the man

"Yea but that's just one among others" he smiles

"Oh my" I giggled and the man let me up the stairs to the plane first. As i step inside of the plane theirs a man siting their and he smiled and I looked him in the eyes. He had very pretty eyes such a vibrant color. I was smiling and blushing . He was kinda cute .

"Hello miss my name is Charlie" his voice has a very southern sound and was a little high.

"M-my names Grace but you can call me whatever u want" I took off my sunglasses.the man behind me puts his hand on my shoulder. "My name is Sonny" he takes my bags and sets them on a seat.

Charlie looks me in the eyes "ma'am I hope you dont mind me saying but you have the most beautiful dark green eyes I have ever seen" I blushed and looked down and smiled. "T-thank you Charlie" he smiled and then gestured me to sit mext to him on the couch "you know Elvis said you where gonna be taller then you were when you were younger" Sonny said sitting in a chair.

I smiled and sat up and looked at the floor "well im not really all like thought he would be but oh well i think short people are nicer then all people"i close my eyes. Charlie looks at me

"you really think think short people are nicer? well Gracie not all tall people are mean" Charlie puts his arm around me.

"i know but still people are mean to me cause they call me shorty and minnie and tree stump" i open my eyes and look at Charlie

"dont worry gracie i get called short names all the time" he pats my shoulder.

I start humming 'Yes i'm satisfied' and he looks at me "you know that song" he smiles.

"yea but i only sing it when i play a instrument with it" i smile and look at him. "mostly piano" i say quietly

Charlie smiles and hugs me "you are amazing. Elvis never said u could sing or play a instrument" I giggle "Charlie that's because after Elvis got famous i started going to music school and i learned guitar and piano" i smile. after that i fell asleep on the plain hugging Charlie.

a few hours later get woken up by Elvis yelling "Gracie! wake up!"

I sit up and look at him "hey Elvis" I stand up and look up at him "I feel like a little kid standing next to you". He laughs and hugs me "Well I thought u could have got tall but oh well"

As I step off the plan I notice a bunch of people yelling for Elvis and a punch of flashes and cameras taking pictures. "Hey Grace let's get in the car ok" Charlie walks me down the steps and gets in the car and sits next to me. "I never would have thought Elvis was that big! I-I mean popular of course and he's tall too!" I smile.

Charlie looks at me "I don't mean to sound weird or anything but your very beautiful Gracie"

I look at him " your not being weird and thank you charlie your quiet handsome yourself" I wink and Elvis comes in the car and sits next to me

"So Gracie how have you been?" He asks while waving to his fans "I am very good especially since-- never mind just I have been great" I look down at my dress "well I have been great I have lots of fans and a great girl to love me" he smiles.We start to head to Graceland.

I look out the window. "I have only been to Memphis all of once and that went horrible wrong. I got trampled by a bunch of girls chasin' after a surin' man Elvis! ' I laugh and he looks at charlie, who is in a trance from staring at me "Cholly your starting to creep me out here". 

He shakes his head and looks down "I-I'm sorry shes just so beautiful E". Elvis smiles " oh i see you like Grace don't you charlie".He blushes and looks at Elvis "N-no i don't Elvis". I was not paying attention to them anymore i was thinking of hanging out with Priscilla. She must be nice and shes got a baby. I sigh. I shake my head and smirk alittle. We head up street towards Graceland. 

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