[ch. 4] i guess i have no choice

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"I dare you to call the girl you like on the imparter and confess your love for her in front of all of us." Sophie said, smirking. 

Fitz blushed wildly, looking away. 

"What if the girl is here right now?" he asked.

Sophie's face flushed, realizing that she was the only girl that wasn't related to Fitz.

"Then kiss her." Keefe added on, with a mischivious glint in his eye. 

Uh oh... 

"I guess I have no choice..." Fitz said.

He got up and walked toward the door. Sophie's heart plummented. He didn't like her. Why would she think that in the first place? Fitz Vacker was the golden boy from the golden family. 

But before she could think anymore thoughts, Fitz pulled her up to her feet and smashed his lips against hers. Sophie had no idea what was going on until her brain finally caught up. 

Her first thought was: WHAT THE HECK FITZ VACKER IS KISSING ME, SOPHIE FOSTER!!!! and then she sank into his lips, filling the room with sucking sounds...

And then her thoughts were FITZ FITZ FITZ FITZ FITZ FITZ FITZ.

Then Fitz pulled away, gasping for breath. Once he caught his breath, he smirked as he leaned his forehead against Sophie's. 

"That was a good dare." he whispered into her ear. 

She smiled. 

Keefe and Biana just stared. 

"Dude." Keefe said. 

A/N: thanks guys for reading my horrible story :)

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