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In which a young Felix is strolling along the castle town, unguarded. He bumps into a squire, Mazarine, who isn't having the easiest time lately due to the brutal captain of the royal guard, who she is currently the apprentice of.

"So, what's it like being a squire?" The newly appointed king asked as they walked down the street of the castle town,
"Why do you wanna know?" The squire questioned,
"Just curious is all" the king answered innocently,
"Well, 'your majesty', it's boring. All I do is run errands for knights, especially the captain since he's too lazy to do anything for himself, fetch, sharpen and polish weapons, and other boring stuff. It's hardly different than being a page girl. I have less chores now but in exchange I have a 'superior' who hates me." The squire ranted, her dark gray eyes narrowing in annoyance,
"Oh. Wow, um... Sounds rough" the king answered in a nervous attempt to sound sympathetic.
The squire rolled her eyes as she tightened her ponytail "but of course a prettyboy like you wouldn't last a week as a squire" she scoffed,
"Aw, you think I'm pretty? Why thank you!" he answered sarcastically, running his fingers through his hair.
"Not what I meant" she said, her face turning a deep blue,
"Woah, are- are you okay? Your face is"
"Shut up!" She interrupted,
"Wait... Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, are you a... A faerie? Like, is- is that a normal thing for you?" He stammered, hoping that he hadn't just offended the squire with his lack of knowledge of this strange world.
"I really don't like that term, but I'm... Um..." she hesitated,
"Do you... Not know what you are?" he wondered aloud,
"I'm just a dreamling! Nothing more and nothing less" she lied,
"Okay, sheesh... They didn't warn me that the squires were so temperamental"
"I'm not temperamental, I just don't like you, 'King Felix'." she retorted,
"Oh... May I ask why?" he asked, wondering if all the squires were as bizarre as her.
The squire didn't answer, she only stuck out her tongue, which evidently was also blue.
The blueness of her face made more sense now.
"Okay, I see how it is. Can I at least know your name? I should at least know that. You know mine." he inquired
"It's Mazarine... Mazarine Blake."
"That's my last name" Felix laughed.

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