= Chapter 41 =

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"Heaven is place on Earth with you."

-Jeremy Lockhart

She was worried for me.
She felt something for me.

But why didn't she want to finish her sentence? Maybe she wasn't even worried about me. Maybe she wanted to slap me one of her snappy comebacks. Feeling a pair of eyes burning holes into my back as I walked out of the house, I knew she was looking.

Maybe she felt the same way as I did? But how if she didn't, I'll just embarrass myself. Plus, I've been practically cheating on Emily this entire time.

I don't get it why I just can't seem to control myself around her, I don't even understand why I told her about Bronze Eagles. How could I ever let that slip so easily? Opening the mailbox, I pulled out a brown envelope.

My name was written onto it with
'clue 2' written right below it. My heart started beating rapidly against my ribcage. Why was the clue directed to me? There wasn't even a stamp or address on the envelope, so that means 3W! must have come here himself.

Wasting no time, I tore open the envelope. My hands tremble as I lick my lips wet, hating how vulnerable I felt. The last time I felt this way was when I lost my mom and sister, and I'm not planning on being that coward I used to be. But I spoke too soon...

"Bring her to your secret, or you'll break her. 3W! " I read out softly, my breathing hitched the moment I read the second clue.

I can't tell her. Never.

The danger I could put her in by letting her into my world would be the end of her. She would never look at me in the same way. I couldn't let her see the second clue, no one should know about the second clue.

Smashing the letter into a paper ball, I threw it in the rubbish bin. Little did I know how my actions would cause a whole chain of problems...

Taking a deep breath, I walked back into the house. Kai laid on the sofa with his arms folded at the back of his head. Relieved that I didn't have to talk to anyone, I began walking up the stairs.

"Who was the letter from?" Kai's voice echoed, despite his eyes being close. He was like a big brother for me and it took me so much to lie to him.

"Err, it's from my old friend." I stuffed my hands into my pocket, trying to hide how figitive I was. Giving a small 'okay', I released a breath I didn't know I was holding.

As I walked up, I heard laughters coming from Gabriel's room. I'm always tired but never tired of her laughter. That unique laughter where her eyes become easily watery and her laugh would come out as hiccups.

It might seem retarded but I found it cute and it just showed how much of a human she was.

Knocking on the door, Gabriel opened it with a smile–something he never does.

"I'm gonna crash, you guys have extra rooms right?" I yawned, rubbing my eye lazily. Skylar popped up beside Gabriel, her eyes widening in stun but her cheeks gave it away as she blushed.

"Extra room." He said, but I didn't get what he meant.


"We only have one room left. I guess both of you have to share." Gabriel shrugged with a small playful smirk.

That sneaky son of a—

"Uh but..." I coughed out awkwardly.

"Don't worry it's three rooms beside mine and there are pillows already in that room, so if you guys don't mind, I would like to sleep too." He purposefully shoved Skylar and I out, but not before giving me a thumbs up.

Walking in silence towards our room, i swallowed nervously. Why were my hands even clammy? Peeping to the side, I took a moment to capture her side profile. Her cute button nose, to her heart shaped lips the ones that were on mine just a few weeks ago. She opened the door swiftly, her brown curls cascading down her back. I needed to talk to her about what just happened.

Falling onto the bed, she sighed in happiness. No one could imagine how badly I wanted to just kiss her right then and there. But we needed to talk like normal people, cause if we started anything now, I don't think I'll be able to control myself any longer.

"Back downstairs when you bandaged my wound, you were worried for me...right?" I finally grew a pair of balls to ask her. Her carefree expression drops upon hearing.

Scoffing, she sat up with folded arms.
"Get over yourself Jeremy, I was only worried about your wound cause without you, no one would be able to drive us to our next clue." She simply said, not the least bothered how her words actually stabbed me brutally.

I felt it was her sort of revenge or payback to when I told her I didn't care about her. Tired of her game, I lost control of my mouth.

"Then tell me right now that if I jumped down a building, you would not spare me a tear." I took a few steps towards her as her eyes flickered with emotion. My tone raised into a more confronting manner.

"Say it to my face that you don't feel a thing when I hold you." I continued, my hands brushed against her cheek.

Standing right before her, I noticed how her eyes were welling up with tears but taken over the raging emotion of anger.

"Swear to me that you never want to kiss me again..." my firm voice lowered to a hopeless one. A small gasp left her lips.

Looking down at her as she sat on the bed, her hands gripping onto the blankets. Standing up to meet my gaze, her eyes held venom and disbelief.

"You will never jump down a building...cause I won't let that happen." Her words blew me away once spoken. This time, it was me who stared at her with shock.

"I feel like the most beautiful girl when you hold me close, and I feel every emotion you feel..."

Taking a deep breath, she lowered her head cause somehow her feet seemed to be more interesting.

"And I'll be lying to myself if I said I never wanted to kiss you again..." I could feel a smile in her voice. Lifting her chin upwards with the top of my finger, I leaned closer to her lips— imagining the sensation of her lips on mine.

"Not today..." she smiled innocently, turning away. How dare she just tease me? No one does that to me.

That was what I called rejection.
My first.

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