Calm The Fire: 21

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“No dhinen, Thorin!” Were the first exclaimed words which greeted Thorin as he jolted awake. Náriel was looking at him worriedly with her hands on his shoulders. “Diheno nin, Thorin,” she said gently while placing her hands against his cheeks and making him look at her. “Av-'osto.” She whispered. “Av-'osto,” she repeated while smiling lightly, though he didn't understand her, he felt himself calming down.

Between going to sleep, and waking up, he had been caught in a vivid dream which quickly turned into a nightmare. Clearly he had been reacting to his dream, which had caused Náriel to wake him up. Shutting his eyes, he opened them slowly and looked up at her. He was now laying on his back, the blankets were back over him, only now they were tangled from the fidgeting he gave in his sleep. Náriel was standing above him, still quietly looking at him with concern. She removed her hands and sat down on the edge of the bed as he slowly and stiffly sat up.

Putting a hand to his forehead he sighed heavily. “Troubling dream?” Náriel asked while placing her hands in her lap. Thorin opened his eyes and looked to her, she was sitting patiently waiting for him to answer.

“Nightmare, I think is more adequate.”

Náriel looked down at her hands and slowly towards the fire, which was now burning lowly. Frowning lightly, she looked to him sharply. “You called for me, in your sleep...nightmare.” She corrected with a shake of her head.

“I did?” He asked guiltily.

“You did,” she confirmed with a smile. “Right before you started thrashing and tossing and turning.” She explained and rubbed her eyes.

“I woke you up.” Thorin stated while looking around. It seemed she had taken to sitting in the chair again. A spare blanket from his bed was thrown into it. It was clear that she had got comfortable and had nodded off to sleep. Perhaps she hadn't been asleep long before he started reacting to his dream.

Peeking out from behind her fingers she smiled again. “Do not worry about me. A little sleep deprivation isn't going to affect me.” She lowered her hand and gestured it to him. “Tell me of your dream.”

Thorin sat silent in thought. “Truthfully, I cannot remember many details.” He said, now that he was awake he was finding it rather hard to pin details down. “Fire and darkness.” Were the only words he spoke for a while, Náriel looked up at him seriously, it wasn't that long ago that she had had a similar troubling dream. “And you,” Thorin looked to her, her eyes softened. Leaning forward he cupped her face in his hands, she looked at him a little confused. “It was like someone had spirited you away. One minute you were there, then you weren't. And what replaced you was fire and darkness.”

Náriel reached up and removed his hands, running her thumbs over his knuckles she looked to him. “I am here, like I said I would be. It was but a dream, you are safe, Thorin, you are safe.” She assured him while gently pushing him back down, he fidgeted slightly against the pillows and looked to her. “Fevers bring out the worst in things. They make shadows appear to be something else. They turn innocent dreams into the darkest of horrors. They take their toll on your being, both mentally and physically.” At this she put a finger against his forehead and then against his chest. Laying her hand flat, she frowned, she could feel how rapidly his heart was still beating. Evidently this dream had really been something horrid to cause this reaction.

“I'm sorry for waking you,” Náriel said after moments of silence. “I know when one has a nightmare, they are not meant to be woken. But you were causing quite a ruckus, I thought you might have done yourself further harm.” She spoke honestly. “Don't look so apprehensive,” she smiled. “Go back to sleep, I do not think you will have any more nightmares tonight.” She was expecting some sort of retort, but in fact Thorin shut his eyes and seemed to settle back down. He must be feeling either really under the weather – more so than what he was previously letting on – or he was extremely tired. Either way, Náriel was grateful that he seemed to drift off easily again.


Náriel frowned in her sleep and lifted her hand to swat away the light sensation which was currently against her cheek. When it disappeared and then reappeared she mumbled to herself and swatted again. Hearing a quiet laugh, her eyes slowly opened. She looked around with sleepy eyes. She was laying her head against her crossed arms, which were leaning against the bed. She had pulled the chair closer to the bed before she had leant against it, and ultimately fallen asleep nuzzled amongst the soft blankets and throws which were currently acting as a pillow for her.

Sitting stiffly up she realized the sensation from earlier on was Thorin's hand, he looked up at her when she had moved. Her moving meant he could move too. Whether she knew it or not, Náriel may have been using his legs as a pillow. It wasn't a topic he was going to bring up to her, least of all when she was half asleep, already looking slightly bemused.

“Baknd ghelekh.” Thorin said lightly.

Náriel shot him a look while running a hand down her face. She looked bemused before, she looked even more so now.

“It means 'good morning' in Khuzdul,” Thorin explained.

Náriel's bemused expression disappeared and she smiled and gave a nod. Tilting her head to the side she waved a finger at him. “That is the first time you've spoken your native tongue in my presence.” Narrowing her eyes she looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully. “Aren't you Dwarves secretive when it comes to Khuzdul?”

“Already with the questions?” Thorin sat up slowly and rubbed sleep from his eyes.

Náriel stood up and stretched and then sat back down again. “Mara tuilë.” She retorted politely, he looked past his hand and looked to her. “Good morning.” She smirked, frowning suddenly she crossed her arms.

“What's with that look?”

“Are you feeling better?”

“Much,” he replied frankly with a curt nod. “Thank you for staying, and for everything else, Náriel.”

“Pleasure, any time.” She said while hiding behind her hand to quietly yawn.

“You didn't get much sleep last night, did you?”

“Honestly?” She looked to him. “No, but it matters not!” She said cheerily while clapping her hands together. Her cheeriness spread, and Thorin smiled lightly at her. Looking away to push the pillows up against the headboard of his bed, Thorin fidgeted backwards. Once he was comfortable he looked to her, Náriel sighed quietly and looked at him quizzically when he gestured a hand at her. Standing up from the chair she sat down on the bed again, only to let out a surprised sound when she was suddenly pulled forwards. Looking around with wide eyes she gave a small fidget and settled against his chest.

“Sleep,” came the simply spoken word. Yet there was something in his tone which sounded almost like an order. Náriel tilted her head up and looked to him. Her hair was gently brushed out of her eyes. He didn't say any more, but he rested his head back against the pillows behind him. He seemed content and comfortable enough.

Settling back down, Náriel shut her eyes, reaching up she placed one hand underneath her head and the other lightly held onto his tunic. She would retort and speak out against his easily spoken word, but she actually found herself quite comfortable in his lap. Not only that, he was holding onto her tightly, so really there was no chance of escaping even if she wanted to.



Forgive me - Díheno nin

Be silent - No dhínen

Don't be afraid - Av-'osto

Good morning - Mara tuilë

Good morning - Baknd ghelekh (Oh yeah, whipping out the Dwarfish xD)

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