Chapter 52

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It's been two weeks since I last seen Briana. I've been calling her because I wanna talk, but she always ignores my calls. I just miss her.

After practice today, DJ and I stayed to shoot around.

"What are you doin' later?" he asked dribbling the ball.


"Cory, Demi, Monique and I are going bowling; you should come."

"Is Briana going?"

"Yeah," he said hesitantly.

"Well in that case, I don't think I should go," I said.

"Man come on. With Alana not being there, maybe you two can finally talk," he said.

"Alright, fine."

We left the facility and I went home to take a shower and change.


Since the whole thing with Troy, Monique and I haven't been going to the studio and today we didn't go to school.

Monique and I were going bowling with DJ, Cory and Cory's girlfriend, Demi. I put on a red sweatshirt with light jeans and red converse. After waiting for Monique to get ready, we left.


We got to the bowling alley, and everyone was already there. We got our shoes and our balls and joined everyone else. I sat down to put my shoes on and when I looked to my right, I saw Blake walking in our direction.

"DJ, did you invite him?" I asked.

"Yeah. Is that okay?"

I rolled my eyes and dropped my head.

"Just as long as he stays away from me," I said quietly.

"What's up y'all," I heard him say.

I sat facing the opposite direction so I didn't see when he walked up.

"Hey!" they all said together.

"Hey Briana," he said.


I got up to bowl first since everybody was being obnoxiously quiet. I got a strike then sat back down.


We were in the tenth frame of our first game and everything seemed to be going okay. I talked to Blake whenever he talked to me to avoid the awkwardness.

"Before we start the next game, I'm gonna go get something to drink, do y'all want something?" I asked standing up.

"Sprite," they all said together.

"I'll go with you," Blake said.

I turned around and rolled my eyes. I didn't protest because we're supposed to be having fun.

We got to the snack bar and got our drinks, then a guy walked up to us. He was fine as hell and he looked familiar.



"It's me, Travis. From the golf course," he said.

"Oh hi! How are you?" I asked completely forgetting Blake was with me.

"I'm good."

"Could you carry these back to everybody?" I said to Blake handing him the drinks.

He walked away leaving Travis and I to talk.


The whole purpose in me going with Briana was so we could talk, but instead that guy Travis came over and started talking to her.

"Blake, who's Briana talkin' to?" Monique asked.

"His name is Travis."

"Damn! He is fine as hell!" she said.

DJ and I gave her disgusted looks while Demi just laughed at her.

"Well he is!" she shrugged.

Briana came back smiling and holding a piece of paper.

"What just happened?" Monique asked smiling.

"We're going out Saturday," Briana said smiling and fanning herself with the paper.

Monique looked me in the face then pulled Briana to the side. She must have sensed I was getting jealous.


"What's wrong?" I asked as Monique pulled me to the side.

"I thought you were gonna talk to Blake."

"I thought about it, but what is it gonna solve? He's not gonna dump Alana so we can date."

"You don't know that."

"Even if we did fix this issue, things between us wouldn't be the same. He would still be with her and I still wouldn't wanna hang out with him," I said.

"I guess you're right," she said somewhat disappointed.

I'm not gonna lie, I would love to sit down with Blake and fix everything between us. I would love to be able to just hang out with him again because I actually do miss him. But I just know that's not gonna happen.

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