When they meet your parents for the first time

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Reader~Chan, do you want to meet my parents to-//slapped. OWOWOOWWOWOWO

I write the word 'Mum' with a 'u', I was bought up that way to write like that. I hope you can understand and deal with it *puts shades on and walks away*


Karma"Should we do this?" you asked Karma nervously

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"Should we do this?" you asked Karma nervously.

"Yea! Lets show em' what we've got!" Karma smirked as he watched you stare at your feet feeling uneasy.

"Ok, I think I can do this!" Karma grinned as he cracked his knuckles. A devil horn and a tail appeared.

"Karma! Don't do anything bad!" you whine.

"Don't worry~" Karma purrs into your ear, "We can have more fun later!~"

You shiver and knock on the door twice, as you are waiting for a response. The door begun to open and an elderly couple could be seen, they were your parents.

"Hello! Mum and Dad!" you walk towards them hugging them. 

"F/N,  who is that handsome young man there?" your parents ask you curiously.

"This is-"

"Oh my gosh!" your mum screams as she walks up towards your boyfriend who was standing in the door way. "Come here! You must be cold lets sit in the living room and speak."

You sat next to Karma, facing  your parents as they bombard you with questions.

You parents knew about your boyfriend but they didn't know what he looked like. Today was their first time meeting him.

Karma surprisingly was well behaved it was as if someone had possessed him. He was well polite and there was no sign of mischief hinted on his face or words. 

"So..." your parents spoke as they tried to start up a normal conversation, "I've heard a lot from F/N, she describes you as a prankster and a demon."  You shoot cold icy glares at your parents as they continue to embarrass you.

"F/N~chan has a vivid imagination," Karma gracefully replies.

"So what are you to F/N?" your mother gets curious each second.

"I am F/N's-"

"Best friend?" your mother smiles. You and Karma chuckle as you let her continue to guess.

"Boyfriend!" your mum snaps her fingers as she has guessed the right answer.

"Mum! Didn't I tell you Karma was my boyfriend, have you been listening?" you shriek.

"I thought Karma was this blue hair boy with pig tails!" your mum cries out.

"Tch...." your cross your arms and grumble.

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