Chapter 14

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"Mr. Mystros, what's it like to be a knight? What do you do?" (Y/N) looks up to the teen, kicking her legs under the table.

"It isn't fun. You have to do everything you're told to, and you can't leave."


"It's against our doctrine."

"That's dumb."

"(Y/N), you can't say that!" Ja'far reaches over to her and grabs her ear, tugging on it. She flails her arms towards him and slams her hand on his face, trying to push him away. "(Y/N)!"

"Stop it Jaffy!" The two children eventually fall to the ground, wrestling each other while Hinahoho laughed at them and Sinbad started talking to Mystros again.

"Are they going to be okay?"

"Yeah. They always bicker like that. He's just worried about her." Mystros looks back to them to see Ja'far helping her stand up, then chops the top of her head. "This is her first time traveling, so he's trying to make sure she doesn't say something that could get her in trouble. She's only 10." He nods, then turns back to the purple haired teen. "I predict they're going to get together in the future whether he likes it or not."

"Do you think so? That's kind of a odd claim, Sinbad. They're really young."

"I know. I can feel it. She's going to be his savior." The two teens turned back to the kids as they ate while (Y/N) pouted. Hinahoho gets up and walks to (Y/N), picking her up and tosses her into the air, catching her, then repeats.

"Stop looking like a sourpuss. Your face will stay that way." After a few more tosses, (Y/N) slowly loses her pout and starts giggling. Mystros smiles at the scene, then turns to Sinbad when he feels an arm across his shoulders.

"We're all a big happy family, even if we aren't related."

"I see that. Well, I greatly appreciate the story that you told me, but I should return before someone finds out that I made my way here again. I hope to see you again. Goodbye, and thank you everyone." The others turn to him and say their goodbyes. (Y/N) sat on Hinahoho's shoulder and yawned, stretching and slides off. Ja'far's eyes widened and jumped off his stool and catches her only to start scolding her.

"Be more careful! If you're so tired that you almost hurt yourself, you should go to bed." He put her down and glared down at her as she gave him a blank look, quickly poking his nose.

"You were super fast! And also, thank you for catching me. You seem to do that a lot."

"Well, you're completely reckless and unaware of your surroundings. Come on. Let's get you to bed." He grabs her hand and leads her upstairs while Sinbad and Hinahoho snicker to themselves.

"But I know you'll help me." She makes herself walk faster to walk next to Ja'far as they walked towards their room.

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