Chapter 7: The Consequence of the Boys

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Somehow I ended up at the boy's house. I don't know how though. Everything after I entered my apartment is fuzzy.

Xiumin made me a cup of my favorite coffee and Tao got me a big fluffy blanket to cuddle and tied my long hair back so it wouldn't be in the way. Kris never left my side. He just watched me closely and silently. I don't remember when he first took my hand, but holding it made me feel a bit more at ease. And even though now wasn't the time to think about such things, the part of me that had a crush on him was warm and fuzzy.

"How did this happen?" I asked the room. My voice was scratchy and hoarse from all my crying. "First yesterday and now my house." I trembled slightly. if I had any tears left, I would have started crying again.

"Yesterday?" Xiumin turned to Kris. ''What happened yesterday?"

He said nothing.

"Kris," Tao spoke up. "Is it related to why you told her to stay home today?" Silence still. "Kris, what are you not telling us?"

He finally looked up at them and then glanced at me before continuing his staring contest with the table. I think Kris told them something through his looks because they dropped the subject.

Xiumin suddenly plopped down on the couch very close to me. He rested his chin on my shoulder and looked up at me with puppy eyes. "Wanna watch a movie to get your mind off it?"

I smiled softly at him and nodded. ''Yeah. that sounds nice."

Tao got up and walked to a shelf filled with DVD's. "Is there anything you're in the mood for? We have a lot of movies, so don't be afraid to ask for anything specific."

"Um..." I paused for a moment and thought. I wasn't in the mood for anything that would make me cry, I had done enough of that that evening. in truth, I wanted something light hearted and fun like a kids movie. "Do you have My Neighbor Totoro?"

"I'm pretty sure we do..." He trailed off as he searched the shelf. "Yeah! Here it is!"

After setting up the movie, Tao joined us on the couch and cuddled into Xiumin who then cuddled into me. Kris was on my other side, sitting so close that our legs touched. At some point, he had taken my hand again and held onto it tightly. With my three best friends (after all they had done for me, not calling them that felt weird) so close, I finally felt safe again.

Somewhere halfway into the movie, I had calmed down enough to fall asleep.


"Alan? He's the stowaway?"

Voices garbled around my head and woke me up.

"I can tell he's one of us."

Kris? What?

"Still, why is he after Hanuel Gi?"

After me? I don't understand. What are they talking about?

"I don't know. But he's been flirting with her at work almost every time I've gone there." Kris said just above me.

I fought against the weariness that tried to lull me back to sleep. A more awake part of me told me that this was important. I needed to listen to this.

"What could possibly be so important about her that would make him go this far." Kris murmured. A warm hand ran through my hair and pushed a lock from my face. "She's ordinary." I would have been offended if he didn't sound heart broken.

Neither Xiumin nor Tao had an answer.

''Hey Kris," Tao started. "Why are you so attached to her? You said that courting wasn't your style. Is it something else?"

"I don't know." He sighed. "I just- She feels familiar."

"She does." Xiumin agreed. "That's one of the reasons why I became friends with her."

The boys were quiet for a moment and I could feel them staring at me.

"Should we tell her?" Tao asked. "She in pretty deep already..."

"No." Kris said immediately and firmly. "She's in deep enough. I don't want to think about what Alan will do if she knows everything. We need to keep everything a secret; at least until we know his motive."

The boys quieted, leaving me room to think. What they were talking about made no sense to me. What did they mean by stowaway? Did that mean someone came over with them when they came here? And why would a stowaway target me? What could they possibly gain from me?  My dad died when I was 17 and my mom took all the money and ran off with another man. I mean, she sends me an allowance every month but that barely covers my college expenses and I doubted she would spend money on a ransom. We haven't talked in years. And what did they mean by Alan being "one of them"? Was he a foreigner as well?

There were too many gaps. I had questions the boys had no answers to and didn't even know the things they ambiguously referred to. But I did have one advantage.

They didn't know that I knew something was up and I'm in their house. It's perfectly normal to ask questions when you're visiting someone. This was the perfect opportunity to do some digging.

Kris ran his hands through my hair again and I saw an opportunity to get up without clueing them in that i had been eavesdropping. I shifted into his hand and grumbled sleepily. He froze before pulling his hand away. I slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes with a big yawn.

''I fell asleep." I mumbled. This wasn't the first time I had fallen asleep at someone else's house, so I knew exactly what I needed to say to make it believable.

"Yeah." It was when he spoke that I realized I wasn’t laying on Kris's shoulder. I was on his lap. "It's fine though. You must have been really tired."

"I'm sorry... How rude of me..." Oh my god. Oh. My. God. I slept on Kris's lap, who (I had conveniently forgotten until this very second) I had a massive crush on. I would have been fine if he had left me on his shoulder! Why did he have to go and do something like that?!

"I said it was fine." He scowled at me slightly.

"It still feels weird..."

"We really don't mind, Hanuel Gi." Tao said.

"Yeah!" Xiumin chimed in. "And we were thinking you should probably stay here because of what happened at your apartment. We have a spare room you can stay in."

"Well, I'd hate to impose," Instinctively, I ran through formalities even though I knew I'd take them up on the offer, I had no where else to go and frankly, I wouldn't feel safe living there ever again. "But I'd really appreciate it if it’s not too much trouble..."

"Then it's settled!" Tao clapped as if to seal the deal and got to his feet. "I'll show you to your room and you can get some rest."

"Wait! I only just got up. I can't go back to sleep so soon. Besides," I grinned. "I think I promised you guys brownies."

All of a sudden, three hungry pairs of eyes were fixed on me. That got their attention.

"Where's your kitchen? I'll go ahead and-Woah!" Before I could even finish my sentence, Xiumin leapt to his feet and both Tao and him pulled me off the couch and dragged me out of the living room with Kris following behind laughing.

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