Chapter 28 - The Final Battle and More Uncovered Secrets

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***** "I'm doubting myself now... Are you sure it's supposed to be here?" I asked, looking at an unimpressive metal door.

"Well, we'll see," Daniel muttered as Andre placed a C-7 charge on the door.

"Time to see what's hidden behind this door," Andre growled.

"Blow it," I ordered. Andre pressed the detonator, detonating the locked steel doors.

"Go, go, go!" I exclaimed.

"Holy..." Daniel muttered as he and the others abruptly halted.

"That's a lot of pods," Andre added as I joined them.

"What the hell is this?" I asked.

"Welcome to the Hibernation Facility, this facility is currently on red-alert, please leave the area immediately," an automated voice stated through the speakers. The room, a large storage area to be precise, that we've just entered, was filled with hibernation pods with bodies in them. There seemed to be no Unknowns in the area, but there appeared to have multiple entrance doors that were already busted open.

"Wow, aren't these for humans!" Alice exclaimed.

"They're all filled... With humans..." Andre muttered.

"Of course, this is the facility where all of you guys were stored originally after we stole you from the humans," a human voice replied.

"Who is that?" I growled.

"I am the guardian of this hibernation facility," the voice replied as an Unknown stepped out of the shadow.

"Fire," I ordered. Immediately, the five of us pelted the Unknown with every bullet we've got.

"Those aren't really gonna touch me," the Unknown said with a smile as he blocked all our bullets by just raising his hand.

"Magic?" Daniel asked.

"It's probably a shield, he shouldn't be able to move right now," Andre suggested.

"Go now!" I ordered as our team charged.

"Don't underestimate me," the Unknown said with a smile. Even as we continued to fire our weapons, the Unknown was still moving with his shield on.

"Shit, this one's different!" I exclaimed and stopped charging. "He has a special kind of shield!"

"Too late to stop now!" Andre growled as he activated his armor suit's attack utilities and fired his rocket launcher.

"We'll just have to throw more firepower at him!" Daniel added as he fired his SMGs. However, the Unknown caught the RPG with its left hand and threw it back towards Andre.

"Shit!" Alice yelled as she tried to get out of the blast zone while Andre quickly activates his shields.

"Weak," the Unknown stated as the rocket exploded, blasting Alice to the side and fragmented in front of Andre.

"Damn it, we don't have time for this!" I growled as Daniel stopped his attack and went to aid Andre while Alice slowly stood up on her own.

"We're gonna have to fall back!" Daniel shouted.

"I hope the others are doing better than us," I muttered, firing my BR-85 to cover Daniel's retreat.

Emily's Team

***** "Urgh!" Joseph croaked as Hulkenberg grasped tightly onto Joseph's neck.

"Joseph!" Emilia exclaimed as she turned around to head for her partner.

"I'm your opponent," Suzuki growled and dashed for her. Before he could hit her with his swords, Alex dashed out of nowhere and somehow deflected Suzuki's attack with a pair of T-1 Energy Swords.

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