Chapter 27 - The Final Assault

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***** "Look at these guns!" Daniel squeaked, looking at a pair of weapons. "Two M7D Caseless Submachine Guns. They seem better than those ones we used while under Unknown captivity."

"I know right, look at this battle rifle!" I added, pointing at a BR-85 HBSR. "Way more advanced than the BR-66 I used back in the days! The UNSC has quite a lot of good gadgets, don't you think?"

"Don't forget these awesome-looking armor!" Alex exclaimed, pointing at the ones we were wearing. The PAA Gen3 Mk.12 Armor Suit Variants, were the newest experimental Powered Assault Armor that the UNSC had to offer. The design was remarkably different from the Unknown armor suits, or Combat Skins, the name that the UNSC uses, that we wore back in the days. While the Unknown suits favor raw armor protection, the UNSC armor suits are usually used in specifically one role and are equipped with multiple perks. The Generation 3 Mark 12 Powered Assault Armor Suits are the combination of a newly developed UNSC armor suit and Unknown Combat Skins collected by the UNSC either with secret raids or scavenging the remains after a battle. The essence of the two, the Gen3 Mk.12 Armor Suit, combines advanced Unknown Shielding, UNSC combat-assistance technology, and UNSC perk systems into the same suit.

"Let's hope that they would help us a lot in battle," Andre grunted.

"Lowering ramp," the loadmaster stated as he dropped down the hangar door, revealing the devastated grounds of the Unknown city from the constant Union Fleet shelling.

"This is Pelican Alpha-101 speaking, we are arriving at the drop zone in two minutes. The LZ is a bit too hot, so please don't take your damn time while jumping," the pilot shouted.

"ETA in seventy-five seconds!" the co-pilot shouted.

"Look at this," Daniel muttered, pointing at the ground below.

"Damn, it looks battered," I commented as I took a peek at the view. Right next to Pelican Alpha-101 was the other transport jet carrying the other five Razor Team members, callsign Alpha-105. The two D-82HTC Pelicans, escorted by three G-82MAG Eagles, gunship variants of the Pelican, darted through the Union Fleet and headed for the Unknown Island, code-named Infernum by the Union Fleet. Infernum, the Latin word for hell, was a perfect word to describe the island. The infrastructure was mostly damaged by the Union Fleet shelling, its hard to believe that destroyed island was our enemy's main base.

"ETA in thirty seconds, get ready to drop!" the pilot yelled.

"Roger that," Daniel shouted back.

"Check your gear!" I ordered. The five of us scanned through our ammunition counters on our HUD and checked our weapons again, just in case of a sudden malfunction.

"We've arrived! Greenlight! Go, go go!" the loadmaster ordered. One by one, the five Razor Team members jumped out of the Pelican into the sky, dropping down towards Infernum.

"We're not coming under AA fire," Alex said through the Comms.

"This is weird," Joseph muttered as we activated our jetpacks to ease our landings.

"No magic?" I asked.

"Yeah," he grunted.

"Still not used to it?" Daniel asked as we moved into cover.

"I can still sense some magic, but I don't think I can use it as my main ability to fight anymore," Joseph sighed.

"Same here," I added. "Either way, let's decide what we should do."

"Three teams?" Joseph suggested.

"One for support, another for the command center, and the last one for rescuing our classmates?" Emilia added.

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