Hey, What's Up

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1st Person POV

Another noise went off from my phone in my pocket, buzzing the side of my leg at the same time. It is the Batman theme song as well, not a normal noise that the phone provides.

"Damn it, Harrison," I fish my phone out of my pocket while also trying to find my luggage from the airport. I mean it should be easy. My suit case is light blue with a tag of the Hogwarts crest and my name on the back.

A week ago, Tom called me all the way from New York to beg me visit him and Harrison there for Harrison's birthday. Impartiality, Haz has been whining for the last month about "no girlfriend to hug and cuddle". Tom tried to help, but Harrison refused to cuddle Tom.

I stared helplessly looking for my bag, while fighting the urge to check my phone. Lemme guess, it is probably just another picture of him with a pouty face.

This time, the Spider-Man theme song rang in my pocket. People must hate me in this airport now. I fumble with my phone, aggressively grabbing it. Well maybe not that aggressive, but in an angrily way.

"What is it?" I growl, shoving past other angry people in the airport.

"Hello to you too," Tom snickered happily into the phone. "I'm guessing you have landed and in need of picking up to the hotel?"

Out of nowhere, I squeal with excitement because my luggage is coming around the corner. "Yeah, yeah, I was just going to call an Uber and ask for directions from you, but a ride sounds nice." Now I'm semi running-walking to my luggage, nearly tripping over the smooth floor.

"Yup, I'll be at the airport at half past four with an Uber," in the background of the phone, I can hear Harrison mumble something to Tom. "I'm just on a call with my mum, Haz, but I'm going out right now. I'll be back later for dinner if you are still up for it." Tom yells, then a door slams shut with very loud walking in the background. "On my way now, Mum."

"Thank you, son," I mimicked to him. If Tom wanted to play sarcasm, I'll give him sarcasm. He mumbled a small bye, and then hung up to call himself a ride to pick me up.

While I waited for Tom to pick me up, Harrison begun sending me more and more pictures of himself to me. He was probably too embarrassed to send any more to me while Tom was around.


give me attentionnnn

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give me attentionnnn

Tom left me



little duckling 🐥

give me a moment bby

As fast as I could, I sent Harrison a picture of myself from hours ago to make it seem like I was still in London. I sat down by a nearby bench near the drop off and loading zone, sticking my suit case in between my legs to make sure nobody took it.

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