Chapter 25

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Avery's POV

When I saw Chica wearing my necklace when I placed it on her, my heart hits against my ribcage like a jackhammer. This is my way of showing her I trust her with what is most important to my mission. Maybe even more then that. In my head I head Nightmare, Mari, and Fred telling me to NEVER remove the necklace under any reason other then for the mission. I mentally growl at myself for going against their rule but a deal is a deal when I said I would play the Fazbear's game.

Speaking of deals, I broke my first with Chica. I went too far when punching Goldie but the bear had it coming. Since I didn't keep my end of the bargin in the first deal then Chica doesn't need to keep her end in this deal should I win. If I win Chica no longer has to go out with me. She can say no and I'll accept that answer as final. I'll be sure to tell her that when the chance comes. I head into my office in sit in the chair and I didn't have to wait long for the midnight toll to sound. Marking the start of the deal. I sigh as I pull up the camera moniter and see Bonnie leaving the stage while a still shocked Goldie gets up from the ground. I look over to Chica and felt my heart hurt me. I sigh again as I look around the pizzeria from the cameras. I checked pirate cove and saw Foxy poking his head out and looking about then heads back in. 'I guess he isn't joining the fun' I thought as I look to the hall way to my right and closed the door on Goldie. He was not wasting time after what I did but in a way it was nessesary for me to do so, to scare the Fazbears.

I have to scare and make them hate me but not so much that they rise up and fight me before I could complete my mission. If they do, they well get in the way and end up as casulties. Deaths by my own mistake but nothing more then nobodies to him. I think about about my mission as of far by what I have been told. I believe the nightmares to not steer me wrong by lying but then I'm questioning my mission because of Chica. 'Chica. The most perfect girl in the world. You deserve so much more and better then what you are being made to do and me. I'm am nothing, hoping that you would just look my way and maybe see me as something even just as a friend will do. But I am a villian. I must play my role told to me.' I thought as I mentaly sigh to myself, feeling my heart ache. 'There must be other ways then the path I have been sent on.'

Time went by towards 5:49AM and so far I had about 10% power left. Over the night the two bears came at me over about 70 times, Bonnie about 65, Foxy is one of the far least that came to visit at about 8 times and Chica only 4. Though I could tell Foxy and Chica weren't even trying, not because of the lack of times they visited but because of maybe something else. When ever Chica stopped by I wave and smile at her maybe even a wink her way. In fact I look out to the hall and see her coming to the office. I got up from my chair, forgetting to close the other door and lean against the door Chica was coming to. "Hey Chica. Did the sun come up or did you just smile?" I asked her in my best Rave voice. She smiles while laughing abit. "It did!" I excalimed that I was able to get a smile from her like that. She shakes her head before looking at me. I saw the look in her eyes, telling me that she was sad. By what I'm not to sure but maybe it was by the way I am actting. I turn serious at this moment.

"Chica. About our deal. You no longer have to-" my sentence was cut of by feeling metal hitting flesh. I fell to the ground, hitting my head against the wall, by the force of whatever hit me. I heard Chica gasp as I look up and see the dented face of Goldie. I smirk as I felt my left cheek swell up and sting from the pain building. "Well well, the former magic bear Goldie. How's it going bear?" I asked as I used the wall to stand up. He growled out white noise before punching me in the gut. I doubled over in pain and spit up some spit but I did not fall to my knees. I cough before wripping my face with my sleeve. "Still pissed? Of course you are. I stole your magic and busted your face. And lets not forget I been playing you lot like freaken dummies. Chica here on the other hand." I gesture to her as I stood straight. "Is a whole lot smarter then you Gold. You are nothing but a washed up animatronic that lost his place on the stage in the spot light because of an tragedy. What was that again? The bite of 83? or when the owner's kid got taken?" I asked while looking and feeling smug.

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