Everything Hurts

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3rd Person POV

Today could have been like any other day, but it wasn't. Y/N woke up to a terrible ache at the bottom of her stomach and a willing need to cry out her feelings. She held her eyes tightly closed, and whimpered into the body she laid on.

A soft hand begun combing through Y/N's hair, which caused her to groan deeply into his chest and climb on top of him. A deep chuckle rung through the male, along with a pained sound, because Y/N climbed on top of his body.

The boy kissed the top of her head, "I'm gonna guess, is it shark week? The devil's back? Satan has appeared!" By now he's full on laughing at his girlfriend, poking fun at her and her unluckiness of this week.

"Shove off, Harrison," Y/N mumbles sickly into his chest. She found herself nudging her head underneath Haz's chin, forcing him to give her more attention, and intertwining their legs together. "Love me," she whines.

"Don't I already love you enough?" He teases, running his hand up and down her back. Never in his life has he seen his girlfriend's mood change from moody to in a bad mood so quickly. Y/N elbowed the side of Harrison's stomach, earning another hurtful groan and a whole bunch of regret. "Sorry, sorry, I love you very much, Princess, but—"

"—there are no buts except yours on this bed."

This time, he had to fight off his laughter if he didn't want to get murdered by his girlfriend. "Will you let me use the bathroom first before you get too comfortable?" Y/N shook her head. "Fine, if you don't let me go, then my only choice is to go right here, right—"

The next thing Harrison saw his girlfriend do very fast was roll off of him. He successfully smirked over at Y/N and left to use the bathroom in the other room. On the not as warm bed, Y/N curled up against a pile of blankets and waited for Haz to return.

The toilet flushes from the other room, making Y/N all excited for her personal heater to come back. Once the other side of the bed dipped, she looked up from the blanket burrito and saw Harrison putting on a sweatshirt over his chest. "How dare you."

Harrison internally groaned, "what have I done this time, Princess?"

"Now that you have clothing on, you're not going to be as warm as I like you to be!" Y/N complained, making her burrito blanket bigger.

"But I'm cold, and you have all the blankets."

"How can you be cold when I'm on top of you!" She said in a happier tone, way to happy. Harrison sighed and took off his sweatshirt. Once he climbed back in the bed, Y/N pounced on top of him and snuggled against him.

Harrison knew he'd be in stuck in bed today, whether he liked it or not. So the night before, he stalked up in electronics and remotes on his nightstand. The first thing he grabbed is the IPad that Y/N and Harrison share together and begun playing Candy Crush.

Every so often, Harrison had to hold back a laugh from Y/N's hair tickling his chest. She'd move to get comfortable, then he'd try not to laugh.

"Damn," Haz mumbled under his breath. He ran out of lives in Candy Crush. His next apps consisted of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and occasionally reading some of Y/N's stories on her Wattpad. She doesn't know he does this, and he's gonna keep it that way.

On Instagram, he posted a picture of him and Y/N laying down in the grass from a week ago. It looked really similar to The Fault in our Stars movie poster, but it took Haz a lot of convincing to even take the picture. In the end, he really enjoyed taking it with her.

Once the picture is posted, Haz gets a Snapchat from Tom asking if he wants to hang out with him and Harry today. The two brothers planned on going into town, mostly to look around, but also eat food. Harrison declines though, he'd rather stay inside with Y/N all day. He sent a Snapchat back, explaining to his best friend why he couldn't go (also making sure not to tell him about Y/N's personal problem), and sending Tom picture of Y/N laying on top of him. Most of the captions read "you jealous" and "have fun, cause I know I will".

After looking in the camera app on his phone, he saw at the corner of his screen his girlfriend's hand creeping up behind his neck. Her hand stops at the edge of his hair, and begins to play with it.

"Excuse me, Missy," Haz puts down his phone on the bed and turns toward his girlfriend. Her hand follows his head moment, still playing around with his hair.

Harrison smiled softly at Y/N, but immediately regretted it when he felt her hand mess up all of his hair. Y/N's hand moved all around his head, and Haz just laid there in amusement.

"Quiff," Y/N quietly chirped, "quiff, quiff, quiff." She repeated in a sleepy tone.

"Yup," Haz muttered, "you love my quiff."

One second ago, Harrison would say that his girlfriend is in a happy sleepy mood, but now, she's in a moody mood. Y/N smacked his stomach playfully, let out a couple of groans, and bang her head on his chest. Not a happy girl no more.

"Why don't you bleed out once a month like I do?" She whines while continuing to sillily smack the boy.

Harrison's face flushes with embarrassment, he never really paid attention in health class. "Because you have something that I don't, otherwise ask a doctor! I don't know anything, Love."

"Make the pain go away." Y/N shuffled directly on top of Haz, hugging him around his middle and gently rubbing her head on his chest.

To make Y/N feel better, Haz rubbed the small of her back in circles. She moaned again, and turned over so her back is facing him. From there, Y/N grabbed his wrists and put them on her lower stomach.

"How is my Princess doing now?" Harrison whispered into her ear. He continued to rub smaller circles on Y/N's stomach, smiling to himself. Then he noticed something weird. "Hey, um, Y/N, are you wearing my boxers as pajama shorts?" They definitely looked like them, red and black horizontal striped.

"No. Yes. Maybe." She giggled, "I couldn't find anything else in the closet."

"I literally just did laundry the other day!"

Y/N giggles to herself again, and finally closes her eyes to rest. Its only been twenty minutes of being up and she's already done for the day.

In the matter of minutes, Harrison hears the girl on top of him snoring very lightly. Her nose twitched every so often making Harrison laugh this time. He kissed her head a couple of times before falling asleep himself.

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