familiar faces | 01

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Your POV 

I need to film a video for my channel cause I haven't posted in over a week, and sinces my most viewed video is exploring an abandoned mall, I think it would be a good idea to do another exploration video. I wonder if Aspyn and Serenity wanna join me? It would make the video more interesting.. I'll give Asp a call.

The Phone Call

Aspyn: Heyyy! I was just about to call you to see if you wanted to hangout!

You: Haha really? That's funny, yeah I was calling to see if you wanted to film a video with me?

Aspyn: Yeah, sure! What are we filming?

You: I was planning on heading down to that haunted abandoned hospital, what do you think?

Aspyn: Oh my god! Yes I wanna go! I'll head over in a few minutes and pickup Serenity on the way!

You: Okay! Sounds good, see you soon!

Aspyn: See ya love!

End Of Call

In the meantime I'll pack everything we'll need, change of cloths in case we are seen, flashlights, backup SD cards, camera batteries, a water bottle, I think that's everything.

20 minutes later — *knock knock*

"Come innn!"

"Heyy, when do we head out?" asked Serenity.

"Umm, now I guess, I have everything."

"Okay! Let's take an Uber so our car doesn't seem suspicious." Added Aspyn.

"Good idea."

I called an Uber and about 10 minutes later it arrived, we all got in and left to the Abandoned hospital.

We told the Uber driver to drop us off a little further away from the hospital so nothing was suspicious, we then walked a few minutes to get closer then checked the surroundings for any Patrol vans. The hospital is old and abandoned but its still dangerous and they don't want people hanging around in there so the security is always patrolling.

We didn't see any vans anywhere for a few minutes so we booked it over into one of the houses close to us. Right beside the hospital is an abandoned neighbourhood which looks very sketchy and creepy, you have to manoeuvre your way through the houses to get close to the hospital without getting caught, but even doing so you could get caught easily.

After about 20 minutes of running house to house and making sure the security wasn't around we made it to a house which was close enough to the hospital.

We were about to make a run for it but out of nowhere a patrol van speed down the road. We all hid inside the house and were as quiet as mice. A few minutes after the van passed by and no other signs of security or if that very van we decided to sprint into the hospital and down the hall. We stopped and caught our breath and began to explore the rooms and halls. We still had to be careful because there could be security inside or who knows who or what else lives inside of here.

"There is so much glass and clutter everywhere." whispered Serenity.

"Well obviously, this place has been abandoned for years and many people have came in here and basically destroyed the place." Replied Aspyn.

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