Part 4

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 I can't sleep.

 I can only hear all these thoughts in my mind. Will I be able to do this? What if the Pokémon refuses listen to me? Will it ignore me like all the others? 

I can't stand myself.



I woke up to the sound of twittering Swellow. I hated those things. Too loud. 

Sitting up in my bed, I looked next to me and saw a pile of clothes on a chair, including  a fanny pack, and a book. I threw the blankets off me and walked closer to the book. It was sign language guide. I wondered why only now I'm getting such a book, but maybe my family felt ashamed for not putting the effort in to learn the language.

 I'm guessing my mom picked these clothes out for me. They were a pretty cute in my opinion.  Though, I felt they needed a little extra something.

 On my dresser lay a red bandana-- a present from a distant relative that I never wore. Yeah, that's it.

I put it on as a headband, then turned it upside down so that it made a bow on my head.



I kissed my mom goodbye as I fastened the strap on my fanny pack.  I was a bit upset my dad couldn't see me off since he was at the gym, but I figured I would see him later since Petalburg isn't too far from Littleroot.

Showtime. Clutching the new book I had gotten, I set foot into a world of opportunity.


I didn't get close to the lab before I heard a scream coming from Route 101.

 I couldn't just ignore it, I had to check it out! 

 After rushing over I could see a man that I recognized as Professor Birch. Huh? I couldn't help but notice the pissed Poochyena trailing after him. Jeez. Is this how he spends his free time often?

Luckily, he noticed me standing near the entrance of the route and shouted for help. "Please,(huff, wheeze) help me! In my (gasp, huff) bag there are(wheeze) three Pokéballs with Pokémon! Use one to help meee--!" 

Oh! Okay...! 

 I ran to the bag lying on the ground only to find two Pokéballs inside. Was one missing? But I had no time to think that. I fumbled as I grabbed one and threw it in the air.

Out came a small blue...uh...pokemon. I recognized it as Mudkip. Hey, it's kinda cool looking! But I needed it to attack! Somehow...?

Oh! the 'Dex! I quickly scanned Mudkip with it and looked over it's move set. Uh--Water gun! Okay!

I got the Mudkip's attention by waving my arms frantically and pointed to the attack, with the diagram of a dummy firing the move, then at the Poochyena.


 I pointed again. This time Mudkip seemed to understand what I wanted, and a burst of water came out of it's mouth hitting the opposing Pokémon on its chest, causing it to faint. 

I- I never got a pokemon to listen to me before... How amazing! 


BWAH HA HA!!! CLIFFHANGARS??!!!! I guess? maybe?

 But really I have homework.

Cya sharkies~~

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