The College Experience

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*Alexs POV

I walked into the now deserted hallway that led to the dorms. Everyone was probably at a party or something like that but I had to miss it since the damn plane got laid over in Virginia. I politely got my dorm key from the secretary and was trudging my way upstairs when the overall exhaustion from two flights, homeland security, and just leaving my home hit me full on. Slightly slouching, I dropped all my stuff in the empty room as soon as I got to the dorm and fell on my bed, sleep welcoming me into its nurturing clutches.

Pfft, What a night! Herc, did you see shit. I was rudely awakened by some guy who was probably drunk, unlocking the door and coming into my room. The guy backed out, probably hoping he didnt wake me up, and continued to talk in a hushed tone, now aware of my presence. Herc, that party was lit. Peggy was totally checking you out dude. I heard a deep laugh as the door closed. ok, but we should get your drunk ass to bed. He said and the other guy whined softly. No, I want to see Laf first. He whined as the other guy laughed again. Fine. They walked out of the room and I drifted back to sleep, trying to forget how the drunk guys voice sounded hot.

*Fav French frys (Lafs) pov

I paced around the room, having now only gotten there. A quick check of my phone showed it was near midnight, which meant that entire fiasco had taken six hours. I let out an audible sigh and collapsed on my bed. At the last minute, the agency that brought me here from France as a foreign exchange student had decided I should be in the girls dorm, and that had resulted in the last six hours of my life being spent rapidly arguing in French then translating it for the school secretary. But now I was finally in the right dorm rooming with Hercules Mulligan, the hulky chocolate croissant who I was originally rooming with. I wanna see Laf. I gave a quick chuckle as the door clicked unlocked and Laurens and Hercules walked in, though in Laurens case it was more like a drunken stumble. Lafayette, youre here. Hercules said as he rushed up to hug me as John laughed. aww, you guys are so perfect for each other. He said and I squirmed a bit, happy I had my binder on. Youre just jealous I didnt meet my roommate when he was sleeping. Hercules said and Laurens shifted uncomfortably when a laughed. You what now. Mon Ami, you didnt meet the guy and already hell hate you. I said as Laurens glared at me. Whatever. At least I didnt have to spend six hours to get my room switched cause Im trans. I let a shocked whimper escape my parting lips before running to my room, hearing Hercules yell at Laurens. What the hell was that for? Sure, he was liquored up and probably wouldnt remember any of this tomorrow morning, but that still hit hard. Him and Hercules were the only two I had trusted with my secret and once the two left I cried into my pillow, faintly aware of Hercules coming back and apologizing for Laurens.

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