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Kate's shower

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It was a late sunday afternoon, Kate had a late night and an even later morning. As Kate woke up to see the sun shine through the blinds, she groaned and flipped over in her bed to check her phone. It was 3pm and she had 2 miss calls she decded it was too early to check. kate, realising the time, quickly woke herself up and sat at the end of the bed. She wore a thin Doctor Who shirt that was atleast 2 sizes too big and her doctor who leggings to match. As she sat there thinking there was a creek of the door, and Thor caame running in. He must've heard me Kate thought as Thor leaped onto her lap purring like a bike."Well Thor, i guess you're hungry" kate said aloud as she stood up, making her shirt stick to the top of her plump breasts. Thor came running out of the bedroom, as Kate lazily followed. "Wait up thor, we've got loads to do today" Kate said as she groaned again, realising how little time she had to do all the chores. As she walked into the kitchen, Thor was already waiting by his bowl. Purring as usual. Kate ate bent over for the cat food in the lower shelf, het breasts rested on the doctor who shirt, revealing her smooth silky nipples through the thin material. As Kate got back up, she sighed and rested the empty cat food box on the marble counter. "Looks like we're gunna need to make a trip to 7/11" She said as she looked at Thor. Kate realised she hadnt had a shower yet, so she went ahead into her bathroom where a pile of towels rested. As she closed te door behind her, Kate began to take off her shirt. As the shirt got to her round breasts,she had to tug a little since the shirt managed to get under them. As she finished with the shirt, she turned around to place her shirt on the side making her breasts swiftly jiggle about, with no support. Kate then began to undress her lower half. As she begin pulling her leggings down her breasts fell in her way, making it almost impossible to see what was goin on. After minutes fo struggling she had managed to undress and stood in the raging shower she had turned on before hand. As she stood there, soaking her body a wicked idea came accross her mind. It had been a long time since she had broken  up with tom and she needed some maintenance. So she very discreetly took the shower cap from where it was rested and began to bring it down. At waist level she stopped moving the cap, and pointed it towards her pussy, making her moan in pleasure almost instantly. The raging water made her so wet that she started to push the cap inside her, closer and closer. There came a point where Kate couldnt take the pleasure and she had to lie down, water still rushing down her. As she lay down she used her spare hadn to start fiddling with her now hard, left nipple. AS the flicked her left nipple, the oans increased making her loud enough to be heard from the hallway beyond her apartment. Kate didnt care though, she was loving every second of it. Kate then started to pull and twist her rock hard nipple, causing her to deeply orgasm and spray all over herself. Kate loved the fact that she could cum, it made her alone times more pleasurable. After her intense session Kate decided to lie in the bath, for the next 10 minutes. When kate got out if the bath she grabbed the highest towel from the pile and dried herself off. She began at the bottom of her skins. Slowly making her way up her shaven, model like legs until she reached her cunt and ass. She spent a longer time rubbing these areas, but coming back into focus realised and continued the incline of ehr ody. AS she got to her breasts she began to cup the bolders with the towel. After a few rubs, she moved up to the front and rubbed them deeply While giving out low moains in pleasure, then slowly moved up. Since Kate was alone, she didnt really walk around ina  towel, so she left the bathroom completely naked and headed for her bedroom, breasts jiggling quite rapidly. Every time her breasts hit her body, where was a loud smacking sound that echo'd throughout her apartment. AS Kate entered her bedroom, closing the door behind her she walked over to the wardrobe, her breasts swinging slightly. Upon openeing it she began to search for something suitable to wear. She set her mind on a casual striped shirt, with some black jeans...

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