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"I can't believe you are hitting this." Xander's look-alike smirk as he seats on the couch comfortably, not caring about what or who he walked into.

Cara jaw drops slightly as he said those words right in front of her. Cara can't say it's been the most awkward situation she has been in. After all, she did get caught having sex in the janitor's closet back in high school, but at least the teacher who caught them had the decency to look away unlike this dude who's just starting.

Xander snaps out of his shock, putting Cara down carefully as he adjusts his ruffled shirt. Cara bends to pick up her shirt, as she covers her upper body with it. "Can you?" Cara indicates that the creep turns around.

Xander walks out of then sitting room without uttering a word, his clone takes the hint and follows his twin out of the sitting room.

"I'll be right back, darling." He winks before disappearing.

Cara rolls her eyes. At least the twin doesn't have Alexander's snob genes.


Xander stands near the desk of his study as he waits for his brother to walk in and within a second he does. He closes the door behind him, staring at an environment like it's the first time he has been here which annoys Xander even more.

"I leave for a few months and you've gotten rid of Liza, thank goodness for that." His brother places his palms together and looks up at the ceiling dramatically. "Then you Mr. Player get yourself a new chick that's hot by the way and now she's pregnant.

Xander quietly watches his brother's movement, mostly his hands. Last time, he noticed the shaky left hand and always sniffing his finger or biting of his nails but he didn't notice these things earlier before it escalated. Now, he looks okay. No shakiness, sniffing and biting of some sort.

"What do you want Xavier?" Xander says walking over to his desk, he opens his drawer and brings out a cheque.

"W-what?" Xavier lets out a low laugh which turns to a frown when he notices his brother is serious.

"Let me rephrase that, how much do you want?" Xander asks, picking up his pen.

"Fuck you. Fuck your money. I don't want your money."

"Are you sure about that?" Xander raises an eyebrow, as he taps on the cheque. At this point, his brother usually gives in and says what he came for.

"I am fine, okay. I am clean for 3 months now, I am at a good place. I don't need your money. The show I was on last year just got renewed and I am a series regular. I am also going to be starring in an upcoming movie, so you can shove your money up your ass." Xavier yells, deep down he knows he has no right to be mad at his brother's words.

"So, what are you doing here?" Xander asks sternly, hiding the fact that he is proud that Xavier is in a better place now.

"Lots of things have changed but you are still an ass." Xavier shakes his head. "After 3 months of social media cleanse ordered by my therapist, I come online and see my brother on different tabloids. I thought I was the controversial brother, but you proved me wrong." Xavier mocks. "So I came to confirm the news myself."

Xander study opens and reveals Jonathan with a big smile on his face. "A little birdie told me that you are around." Jonathan greets Xavier with open arms.

Xavier's frown breaks out to a smile as he turns to hug Jonathan. "I miss you so much, man." Xavier melts at the warmth. He has always taken Jonathan has his second dad. He is the only dad he has now.

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