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Finley's POV

I see Corey's car pull up in his usual spot. Corey saunters off leaving Lexie to walk into school on her own. I follow Lexie inside the main building. Lexie seems different not to mention gorgeous. I haven't looked at another girl that way since...her. I just don't understand why Lexie keeps blowing off. I just want to get with her and dump her.

Just as she gets to her locker I grab her wrist. She turns around to face me and I notice her face is flushed. It is almost like she wants to cry. I just want to wrap her in my arms. I push the thought out of my head. I don't want to care about the girl I just want to sleep with her.

"Morning cupcake!" I say with a smirk and her eyes narrow in my direction.

I don't get time to think before I'm lying on the ground holding my family jewels. Lexie kneed me. She kneed me right in the ... argh! I feel Lexie step over me slamming her locker shut. She doesn't spare me a second glance as I lie there groaning.

"Lexie Michaels! Finn Collins!" I hear a voice cut through the sound of gossiping students. "My office now!"

I slowly stand. I see a shaking Lexie following Principal Dickface and I do the same. He opens his office door for us and the three of us step inside. The door slams shut and Lexie jumps.

"Sit." He barks and we both find the closest seat. "Miss Michaels we haven't met. I'm Principal Johnson. Would you like to explain to me what happened in the hallway just now?"

"No sir." Lexie says softly.

"Mr Collins?" He turns his attention to me.

"I just asked her out." I say with a smirk. "She could have just said 'no' but instead her response was to make sure I never have kids."

"I have been saying 'no' for the last week!" Lexie snaps.

"Calm down Miss Michaels. I don't take kindly to acts of physical violence though it seems Mr Collins may have egged you on. You both have afternoon detentions for the next week."

"What? But I have football! You can't just-"

"I can and I will!" Dickface's voice bounces off the office walls. "I'm sure your father will be impressed." He says and I roll my eyes. Dad is going to fucking kill me! "Miss Michaels I will be calling your Uncle." He says sternly.

"Yes sir." Lexie replies.

"Now both of you wait in the library until your next class. I don't want you disrupting everyone."

I'm tempted to just skip school for the day until I see Lexie actually walking towards the library.

I follow her and I notice her flop down into on of the reading couches in the corner. We have been out of Dickface's office for about ten minutes when Lexie's phone rings, it plays an instrument piece of music I have never heard before...loudly. Embarrassed that she is in the library I watch her face blush bright red as she presses the phone to her ear.

"How did he find out so quickly?" Is the first thing she says into the phone. Her face drops as the other person talks. "Hello father." I notice her tone is serious almost professional. That is a weird way to talk to your dad. I mean my dad and I aren't exactly close but we certainly aren't business like. She apologises to her father over and over again. Her eyes well up with tears as her father talks. "Yes I realise that is not a proper way to behave. Jeg er ked af far. det sker ikke igen." I strain to hear the last part but it is definitely in a different language.

I realise then I don't even know where she is from, did Corey say the other day? If he did then I wasn't listening. The bells rings and Lexie jumps up from the couch hurrying out into the hall. I follow behind her. Corey bumps into me.

"Hey where have you been?"

"You cousin kneed know." I point down and Corey breaks into a fit of laughter.

"You deserve that!"

"Do I deserve the afternoon detentions?"

"Serious? Coach is going to kill you!"

"Tell me about it."

"Did Al- Lexie get detention too?"

"Yeah and I think her dad just called her."

"Her dad? You sure?" Corey seems shocked.

"Yeah why is that weird?"

"No reason." Corey says a little too quickly.

"Where's she from?" I ask.

"One of those small European countries." Corey say rolling his eyes.

"Wow how specific." I mutter walking passed him. I spot Lexie down the hallway and she grins as my brother approaches her. I clench my fists at the thought of her being close with Jake.

Jake pulls Lexie into a hug. Although sensing me Jake looks over Lexie's shoulder and the two of us lock eyes. Jake smirks squeezing her tighter. Something about my brother holding onto her make me want to fight harder. I want Lexie Michael and I get what I want.

I watch the two of them pull apart and then walk hand in hand to their next class. Clearly my approach isn't working. Next step wooing.

Watch out Lexie Michaels you are mine.


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Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

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