School reveal

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Sasuke woke up early as he looked over at Naruto who was sleeping soundly beside him as he got up out of bed to take a quick shower.

He felt a pressens in the bathroom with him after a while of being in the shower and a pair of arms wrapped around his waist "morning naru" sasuke says looking behind him at the blond who purred and nuzzled his back, "morning sauske" Naruto says opening one eye while smiling at the raven who turned around fully.

"Your ready for school today" sasuke asks "I-I'm not sure sasuke" Naruto stuttered worried "dont worry I'll be there by your side the whole way threw the school day ok" sasuke says causing the young blond to smile.

They took their bath together and got dried off.

Naruto was trying to dry his hair until he felt a warm sensation causing him to purr loudly "your using the blow dryer agian it's been a while" Naruto says happily as Sasuke smirked "it has" he says.

Sasuke blew dried naruto's hair as he also ran his fingers threw his mates spiky but soft blond hair.

<Time Skip brought to you by sleepy Naruto>

Sasuke was waiting at the front door his tail softly wagging as he waited for Sasukie, Naruto, and Menma to get to the front so they could get ready to leave for school.

Sasukie was the first there beside Sasuke "where's Naruto and Menma" Sasuke asks as his ear twitched "Menma is trying to drag Naruto out the room" Sasukie says as his tail softly wagged while Sasuke rolled his eyes and went to the back room where he heard to cries of Naruto not wanting to go.

"Menma stop your hurting him go to the door I'll take care of it" Sasuke growled at the raven fox he lets go of Naruto he ran into the room.

"Naru are you alright" Sasuke says sitting on the bed and pets Naruto's head "I don't want them to know I'm scared Sasuke" Naruto whimpered looking up at Sasuke who kissed his nose "I said you weren't gonna be alone in this Naru so there's nothing to be afraid of" Sasuke, says "b-but..." "but nothing were gonna go threw with this and if it makes you feel better you can hid 8 of your tails and keep 1 out" Sasuke says earning a nod.

"ok now ill be at the front so please hurry or we'll be late for school we cant afford to be absent any more so please and plus were graduating tonight anyway" Sasuke says earning a smile form naruto who nodded "o-ok Sasuke I'll do it" Naruto says.

Sasuke smiles kissing Naruto before getting up and leaving.

After a while of waiting naruto comes from his hiding place as he ran over to sasuke taking his hand "your ready to go naru" sasuke asks as the blond nods and the 4 headed off so school tails wagging.

On the way there though they got weird looks of the other villagers who stared at them it made Naruto feel uncomfertable and hide behind sasuke more but it didnt really hide him from the stares from behind his tail was tucked between, his legs the whole way while Menma might of had 8 of his tails hidden one of his tails wagged softly as he talked to Sasukie freely with out a care int he world while sasuke had to try and calm Naruto down.

"hey Naruto it's ok" Menma says patting his brothers back "wow your finally acting like an actual brother congrats" sasuke says rolling his eyes "oh shut up you ruined the moment" menma growled crossing his arms.

Naruto giggles softly as he smiled "aww look guys you made him happy yay" sasukie says but was flicked on the forehead by menma.

"some one seems jelly" Naruto says smiling "I'm not jelly I'm just making sure he watches what he says" menma replied "suuuurrrrrreee you are and the next thing we know you gonna be trying to skip class with my brother to tell him that he cant call any one cute except you" sasuke says causing the raven fox to blush "oh shut up you stupid wolf" menma growled punching sasuke in the shoulder which didnt harm the uchiha.

Though menma jumped when he felt like someone was glaring at him which was his twin brother.

Making to school it was the most aquardest thing that ever happened to them cause the school was so quiet and all eyes were on them the whole time and it was actually starting to make menma uncomfertable as the foxes stayed close to the wolves the whole time.

The 4 were now in class waiting for the bell to right "sooooooo now that we've reveal ourselves to the world what do we do now" Menma asks his tail lightly wagged "we just keep doing it and don't worry menny I'll protect you" Sasukie says, smiling "you or your boyfriend" Sasuke asks earning a giggle from Naruto  while Sasukie only blushed "shut up" he says looking away.

Menma chuckles as he pats sasukie's back while Naruto started to softly wag one of his tails as he smiled at Sasuke.

"why are you so mean Sasuke" Sasukie asks as his ears were lowered looking at his twin who only shrugged "alright changing the subject" Sasukie says until his phone buzzed and he looked down at it, Sasukie looked over at Menma who shrugged.

"who is it Sasuke" Naruto asked " just gonna make this my home and lock screen" Sasuke says mumbling the last of his sentence.

"what are you looking at" Naruto asks getting up to see over his mates shoulder "something that I will always cherish even in death" Sasuke replies "what picture is it bro let us see" Sasukie asked getting up at well curious.

"Itachi just sent a picture that he promised me of Naruto and the twins" Sasuke says hiding his blush as he showed them.

"w-when was that picture taken" Naruto asked embarrassed  "Saturday while we were baby sitting" Sasukie replies.


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