He Makes You Feel Insecure

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You were short, and it was obvious to the entire world that your height was sometimes a problem in your relationship with Luke. Since you were shorter, it meant he had to carry you through fans sometimes; he had to give you piggy backs when your feet were sore, and he had to reach things on high shelves for you. Most of the time he even had to bend down to catch your lips with his, and even though he wouldn’t admit it, you knew it made him feel as awkward as it did you. So here the two of you sat, your short legs across his lap as he went through the twitter app, replying to and following a many fans as possible. You felt a little hungry, so you stood and went to go get something to snack on until you decided to make dinner later. You opened the top cabinet the best you could, peering up to see some instant Mac-N-Cheese you’d bought while you were out earlier that week. A smile made its way to your mouth as you stretched, your finger tips hitting the bottom of the small container. They wouldn’t stretch enough, and here you were without your mac’n cheese. You pouted playfully and turned to Luke, crossing your short arms over your chest. “Babe! I need your help!” you scream. Luke stretches and stands up, following you into the kitchen. He smiles lightly once he sees you standing there with a pout, pointing up to the cabinet. “Alright, shorty. Wait just a second.” you scoff, joking at first as you playfully slapped his arm. “You dork! I’m not that short!” you argue. Luke grabs the cup and hands it to you, his eyebrows raised. “(Y/N), I have to bend down at least four inches before I can even kiss you! You’re not short? Yeah, okay!” he laughs as he exits the kitchen. Well, that was a little harsh.


“Someone’s a little bit touchy today,” he chuckles as you sit as close as possible to him on the tour bus. You raise your eyebrows but ignore his comment, cuddling into his side as the bus started moving. It was your third night out with Ashton since you’d been flown out to visit him while he was on tour, and you had to admit it to yourself; you were clinging to Ashton like glue. You’d just missed him so much and you missed being able to touch or hug him like you had become so used to since he lived with you, so you didn’t think it was that bad that you were just a little clingy. Ashton moved his arm slightly out of your grip as he stood up, moving to the back of the bus to his bunk without speaking to you. You knew he wasn’t mad, if he was mad at you he would’ve told you; so you wondered if he was going back to take a nap. You stood up and followed after him, smiling lightly when you saw he was lying down with his phone held above his face as he scrolled through his twitter. “Baby-” you start to say before he lets out a loud sigh, slamming his phone down at his side as he turned to look at you. “Yes, (Y/N)?” Ashton says, and you can tell he’s annoyed with you. You bit your lip and shook your head, suddenly realizing just how clingy you were to Ashton. You wondered if he’d ever felt this smothered by any of his other girlfriends, you wondered if he was tired of you yet. Your heart started racing as you smiled fakely and backed out of the bunks, saying nothing to him as you went back to your previous seat on the small seats in the front of the bus with the rest of the boys; watching their game of Rook in absolute silence.


It was Friday, which meant Calum was going to be picking you up from your evening classes instead of you having to catch a ride from your mom or sister. You were so excited to see him, since you’d missed him from him being away on tour for such long months at a time. As soon as you saw the familiar car pull up, you couldn’t help but feel excited. Calum parked at the edge of the sidewalk and stepped out of the car, walking to where you could run into his arms. As soon as you did, you jumped up and wrapped your arms around his neck, your legs around his waist. You’d missed being able to hug him like this, you’d missed Calum in general; but these hugs were the best. “Oh,” he grunts in your ear, “you just killed my back, babe. You might need to get down for a seconds.” he whipsers. Instantly, you jump down from him and distance yourself from him. Did he just call you fat? Maybe not, you knew he had a weak back from his excessive workout sessions, but was that really an excuse? You shook your head and pretended you were fine, an apologetic smile on your face as the two of you get in his car. Calum looks over at you, a sad smile on his face as well. “Killed my back, (Y/N). Damn!” he whispers to himself, but you heard it; and it was enough to make you realize you weren’t as light as you thought.


“The hell is all this shit?” he laughs as he sees you surrounded by books and papers, your glasses falling down the bridge of your nose and your hair up in a messy bun. You shrugged as you looked up at him with a hopeful smile, pointing to the english textbook in front of you. “Look, baby! I signed up for some classes downtown to get my GED.” you say happily, excited to finally get at least a high school education completed. Michael looks at the books, shaking his head slowly as he kneeled down on the floor next to you. He picks up the english book and instantly drops it, laughing in the process. “You quit this shit because it was too much at one point. Are you going to stick with it this time?” he asks, and although you knew he didn’t mean it the way you took it, you couldn’t help but feel offended. Had he really just called you too dumb to get a GED? You felt appauled, like you were just another dumb bimbo to Michael. You huffed as you opened the book and showed him the spot you were at, where it was talking about literature and you shook your head. “No, see! This stuff is easy, I was just too lazy to do it when I should have.” you stated smartly, and Michael laughs once again as he leans in and places a kiss upon your head. “Let’s just hope you don’t get too lazy again, eh babe?” That was a great confidence boost! Only not really.

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