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"Please! You've gotta let me work here!" Pidge begged, slamming her hands onto the counter.

"Why?" Hunk asked, sorting money into a cash register.

"Because, I was supposed to get a job as part of my school year and I didn't! So, you gotta pretend I've been working here." Pidge cried.

"And for how long have you been working here?" Hunk asked, turning to brew a cup of tea, placing it on a tray and turning back to face Pidge.

"Uh, a month." Pidge smiled sheepishly.

"No." Hunk said, picking up the tray and walking over to a table with two girls. "Here you go. Enjoy!" He said sweetly, handing them both their drinks. They thanked him kindly as Hunk turned back around, holding the tray under his arm and walking back behind the counter. "Look, I appreciate you wanting to help," Pidge raised a brow, swallowing down a laugh. "but I've got all of the help I need in my bakery!" He sighed, putting the tray back in the stack of other trays.

Pidge scoffed. "You mean you, your girlfriend and a goofball who can't stop staring out the window at some guy in the shop across from us?"

Hunk glanced at the boy who was gazing longingly through a large pane of glass, almost drooling before looking back at Pidge.

"Trust me, only three staff members working while Altea Delights is at its finest is a bad idea."

"Fine, but you're working normal shifts with minimum wage." He grumbled, pointing a stern finger at Pidge. The young red head's eyes lit up as she jumped up and down.

"Deal! I'll start tomorrow!" Pidge beamed, running out the bakery door.

"Hey!" Hunk called, not bothering to chase her.

"What? I have to do homework!" She called back innocently batting her eyelashes.

Hunk stared back at Pidge with a flat expression, almost glaring at her. "You and I both know that you're not gonna do it."

Pidge grinned cheekily. "Gotta go!" Pidge dashed through the streets and back towards her home to "do her homework". Hunk sighed, crossing his arms and leaning on the counter.

He sighed. "I need a break."

Lance stared through the glass pane into a tattoo shop across the way. He found himself doing this every time he had free time. When someone came in he would take their order, give it to hunk and sometimes even give the customer their order. But when he could he would watch the boy across the way work. He did piercings and tattoos. He was noticeably gentler with the children who came in and he saw the boy clean up nearly every day. It was clear to see that he cared about his shop by the way he swept the floors every day before closing and how every week he would wash the windows. Lance would watch him do all of these things, hoping one day to build up enough courage to talk to him. But that day wouldn't likely come any time soon. Lance was nice, loud and outgoing, but when it came to cute guys who he had been practically stalking for the past few months Lance couldn't muster up the courage to talk. So right now he was stuck with watching the boy, hoping maybe one day they could meet.

The bell rang as customers walked into the shop, parents and their three daughters. Lance hopped up, showing them to their seats (which wasn't necessary), taking their orders and walking behind the counter. He brewed up a coffee, tea and hot cocoa, grabbing some chocolate cake before serving it to the family of five. The family kindly thanked Lance before he dropped the tray back off at the counter.

"Wow, you never actually do your job properly Lance." Hunk teased causing Lance to stick his tongue out childishly at his best friend.

"Shut your mouth, I was just being nice since you're gonna have to deal with Pidge now." Lance turned back, taking his seat by the window once again to watch the boy across the street.

"Thanks, don't forget to leave it in for about a month before changing the ring. And clean it frequently!" Keith called at the young teen left, freshly getting her bellybutton pierced. He sighed, throwing out the clear gloved he just used and washing his hands. He had been quite busy lately, more people coming into his shop. It was great for his business but not so good for his stress levels.

He whipped out his phone, text his brother that he was going to close up shop early. He decided to pay his older brother a visit at his bar.

Shiro sighed, shutting off his phone and shoving it back into his apron pocket. He ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on it slightly before letting go.

"What's up?" Matt asked, walking over to Shiro while drying a wine glass.

"Keith's closing shop early again. He's probably coming over to drink now." Shiro replied with concern coating his voice.

Matt frowned, standing on his toes to give Shiro a chaste kiss on his cheek. He smiled comfortingly at his boyfriend.

"Don't worry", Matt reassured. "All he needs is to hook up with someone."

Shiro scoffed, hitting Matt lightly. Matt snickered with a playful smirk. He hung up the wine glass and turned back to Shiro.

"In all honesty, he really does need a hook up. Or just a boyfriend in general." Matt threw the cloth over his shoulder and strutted past Shiro to serve another customer. Before he could leave, Shiro grabbed the towel from his shoulder and whipped him earning a squeak and hop from Matt. He then glared over his shoulder and flipped Shiro off. Shiro chuckled, tossing the cloth back to Matt.

"Get to work."



That was just a quick idea and introduction to the characters and an idea of what's to come!

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That was just a quick idea and introduction to the characters and an idea of what's to come!

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