Chapter 7

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Stiles and Seline where in the far outskirts of town, too far to be found. No part of Stiles had any feeling nor did he have any remorse for leaving his friends. That was the whole point of turning his humanity off. He didn't care for anyone or anything he ever did. But worst of all he didn't care for Scott anymore. Stiles couldn't care less about Scott or anything he was doing. No part of him cared.

Seline paced the forest ground tapping her finger to her chin in thought. Stiles huffed standing impatiently in front of her as she did so.

"Do you even know what you're doing?" Stiles scoffed crossing his arms.

"Um... yes and no," Stiles rolled him eyes at this.

"What is the all over task that is so bad, that you made me turn my humanity off? Not that I'm complaining though, This is great," Stiles questioned, he's eyes following her pace.

"And can you stop fucking pacing?! It's getting on my nerves!" He yelled. Seline sighed and stopped in front of Stiles with her arms crossed.

"My siren sister is in this... crazy state and I need to bring her back," Seline started.

"So what, do you want me to help you with money for a plane ticket or something?" Stiles joked sarcastically.

"That sarcasm won't leave, humanity or not, will it?" Seline laughed dryly.

"Nope," he gave a snarky smile.

"I'm serious," Seline tried to say sternly but she could help the small smile that played.

"There are so many people that deserve to go to hell. People do bad things, and you know there is always a price to pay. This is a win win for both my sister Sybil and the devil himself.  The Devil, well Cade is his real name, needs more souls in hell. My sister needs to feed off of these sinful souls," Seline explained. Stiles had a bitch face while she talked. Seline paused letting him process what she said. Stiles waved his hand wanting her to continue.

"You have to deliever the souls to her," Stiles shrugged thinking that was an easy task. Give the devil the needed souls feed the siren and be done. Easy.

"This is not an easy task Stiles. You have to tap into people's memories and find the worst thing they have ever done. It's your decision whether they go to hell or not,"

"Okay so how do I  tap into people's memories?" Stiles asked rubbing his chin in thought.

"You know how. They just have to be found deep in your memories. The Nogitsune itself used to do it all the time but now it has passed it down to you, planted deep in your brain waiting to be brought to the surface. He wants you to found them," Seline told him with a growing smirk.

"What do I do to find them?" Seline looked over her shoulder towards the town now in a full fledged grin.

"The alpha,"


Worried looks went around the small room in the clinc consisting of those who saw the dilemma with Stiles and more.

"Did she say anything about herself or Stiles? What did she do?" Deaton asked those in the room.

"Stiles said that she was siren and her name was Seline. Seline talked about how she needed Stiles help with something," Derek spoke first out of the group, giving the information that he knew.

"She did this... thing were she hummed this tune and I felt instantly under her control. It was terrifying," Scott added in with a shiver. It instantly click in the veterinarians mind of what they were talking about. He looked up with wide eyes full of knowledge and slight terror.

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