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Hoseok's the HR guy that brings Yoongi coffee everyday and flirts with him every chance he has. Yoongi can't help but flirt back.

Yoongi, frankly, felt like shit. His head was pounding after a few drinks (that he regrets) with Seokjin and Namjoon last night, he felt eternally tired from sleeping at 3 and waking up at 6, and his entire being was tired in general. Activities, moving, breathing, all a pain. As the elevator loudly dinged, he stepped out of the shaft, the metal doors closing behind him. He stood there for a second, breathing in and breathing out, and walking to his cubicle.

"You look like shit." Jimin remarks, looking over the wall separating him and Yoongi. Taehyung, who's in the cubicle to the left of Yoongi, nodded in agreement.

"Thanks Jimin, you know how to warm a guy's heart." Yoongi drawls, placing his bag down on the floor, bending over to take out his laptop, and rising again, only for his head to ache and for the room to spin.

"I'm only doing what a good friend should be doing," Jimin said, looking over at the distance, "For example, alerting my best friend about Loverboy coming over with your coffee and a smile. Have fun."

Jimin sits back down before Yoongi can utter a word, and suddenly, Hoseok's standing outside Yoongi's cubicle, coffee in hand and a heartwarming smile on his heart shaped lips, just like Jimin told him.

"Good morning!" Hoseok greets, and Yoongi nods at him, signalling that he could enter instead of just standing outside. Hoseok gives him the coffee cup, which Yoongi gladly takes, and sips from. Hoseok's got him memorized- dark roast cappuccino with a teaspoon of sugar and cinnamon, his favorite. Hoseok smiles at Yoongi fondly as the shorter drinks from the cup, heart eyes staring at Yoongi as he says, "Rough night?"

"Do I look that bad?" Yoongi asks, and Hoseok shakes his head. "Yes and no. You do look like you were dragged to work, but you still look like a 10 for me." Hoseok says, winking at Yoongi playfully. Yoongi smiles, cursing at his stomach butterflies as he lets out a chuckle.

"Did you learn that from Seokjin?" Yoongi asks, smile still on his face, despite the whispers from a certain Park Jimin saying 'there it is, the flirting begins', and Hoseok smiles back. "Seokjin-hyung isn't the only one with a few tricks up his sleeve."

"Yeah, I wonder who else has that? I don't think I know anyone like that." Yoongi playfully jokes, and Hoseok clutches his chest, feigning offense.

"I buy you coffee and offer you compliments, and this is how you repay me?" Hoseok asks, wiping a fake tear dramatically. "This is mistreatment- I deserve better than this."

"Whatever, you dork." Yoongi says, smiling fondly at him as he sips from his drink, and Hoseok smiles back, both of them sharing The Look. Suddenly-

"Jesus fucking CHRIST! I'm done with this! I've been here for a week, and you both are so sweet and it's just! Too! Much!" Jeongguk, the new guy, suddenly yells, standing up abruptly and leaving the room in annoyed fury. Yoongi and Hoseok share a concerned glance, while Jimin looks over from his cubicle, saying, "He's right though."

"Well, on that note--" Hoseok says, his face contorting to a smirk as he leans on the cubicle wall. "Do you wanna go out tonight? I know a really good restaurant close to here."

"It took Jeongguk flipping out and yelling about how flirty we are for you to ask me out for dinner?" Yoongi asks, crossing his legs. Hoseok shrugs, and Yoongi smiles wider.

"Is that a yes?" Hoseok asks hopefully, a sheepish smile on his lips as Yoongi pretends to think about it, tapping his chin as if thinking.

"Hmm, I don't know.." Yoongi says, and Hoseok slaps him lightly on the knee, both of them laughing as Yoongi answers him, "Yes, of course."

Yoongi doesn't know if he's seen anyone as happy and excited as Hoseok in this moment.

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