The Ring Girl

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The origins of the Ring Girl began with an upload of a video on YouTube in 2006, featuring CJ in his living room and looking around when a silhouette of a girl appears from the television in the corner and disappears a second later. Other than this video, there was no other proof that the mysterious girl existed in the game. It is believed that the Ring Girl was simply a pedestrian spawn glitch.

The dark figure looks very similar to a homeless pedestrian that can be found in San Fierro, which has a "God is playing with us!" sign hanging around his neck - there was even a video on YouTube comparing both the TV girl and the tramp pictures. Currently, the Ring Girl is remembered occasionally, usually with an ironic purpose as there isn't any proof of the girl's existence apart from the short blurred video.

   Other fact that can be seen in places: Biowell in montgomery Johnson House

Time: Night must be like so dark

The Ring Girl, also known as Samara, is a false in . Myth The Rockstar Games Published.

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