Chapter 1 Bumps In The Night

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Hermione rolled over in her bed, pleasantly dreaming of getting O's on all of her newts when she heard it. A *crack* and a *thump*. She shot up in bed and grabbed her wand from under her pillow. Glancing at her bedside clock she saw that it was 2am. Quietly trotting down the stairs, she didn't dare light her wand. She was at her parents house for the summer and had only been there a week. Figures, she couldn't stay away from the wizarding world for more than a few days without a crisis happening.

She crept around the entire house and methodically checked all of the rooms, peeking into her parents bedroom but found nothing out of the ordinary. Everything was in place and her wards had not been disturbed. However, her wards were charmed to only alarm if someone entered the property that she did not know. She peered cautiously out of the window next the the door and gasped. She unlocked and swung open the door, revealing a large, black lump on her doorstep. She bent down and poked it with her wand, jumping back when it groaned. She carefully hooked her wand under some of the fabric and lifted it up to reveal the pale and bloody face of Severus Snape. Frozen with shock, she didn't see when he opened his eyes momentarily and shut them again tightly, preparing for the onslaught of pain she was surely about to unleash. He had, after all, killed Dumbledore only a few weeks before.

But the pain never came. Shaking herself out of her stupor, Hermione located his arms and hooked hers underneath his, ignoring the damp sweat and blood soaking through the fabric as she dragged him inside. Wandlessly closing the door, she debated on how to get him up the stairs to her bedroom. Thinking for a moment, she backed up to the bottom of the stairs and held him up as much as possible as they slowly ascended. Only when they got to the top did she remember her wand and mentally facepalmed at her own stupidity.

Out of breath and tired, she managed to get his limp body to her room and awkwardly got him onto the bed. He was definitely unconscious now and the stench of blood and sweat was making her gag. She did a quick scourgify with her wand and turned on the lights to see him clearly. She stifled a gasp when she saw him in the light for the first time. His nose was broken in a least two places and he had a black eye and split lip, a few broken teeth and some nasty bruises on his face and neck. Carefully, as to not wake him up, she undid his robes and slid them off his shoulders, revealing what had probably used to be a white shirt underneath. It was now red and dripping, torn in several areas. She winced as she pulled the tattered fabric from his unmoving form,watching with horror as his worst wounds were revealed. Several slashed across his chest, a few holes revealing brutalized organs, and several broken ribs and an infinite amount of bruises. She held her bloody hand over her mouth and willed herself not be sick.

She knew she had to survey the entire surface area before she could start healing anything, so she summoned all of her Gryffindor courage and undid his belt with shaking fingers before tugging off his torn trousers. His legs were in bad shape with several cuts and what looked like a few fractures, but overall the least damaged looking limbs yet.

She got a warm, wet washcloth from her bathroom and rubbed it in soap, gently cleaning his wounds. She would have to attend his back later, as she was not adept enough yet at hover charms to lift him off of the bed.
He hissed occasionally at the sting of the soap, but other than that did not move or make a sound.

Hermione briefly wondered why she was helping him, he had just killed her mentor and grandfather figure a few weeks ago in cold blood! But she chastised herself as she started to wandlessly stitch the wounds back together, leaving fresh scars over old ones. She knew exactly why she was helping him. Because it was the right thing to do. And, she admitted to herself, she had always had a little crush on him since she had walked in on the first day, and seeing his body up close and personal, even if she was healing it, was a gift sent from the gods. He was well muscled with washboard abs and very attractive biceps. No wonder he wore robes so thick, every girl in Hogwarts would be on his back if they knew what he was hiding. Hermione grinned to herself, no, she was the only one who could see! He was all hers now and she oddly found the scars attractive, a Testimont to his bravery and manliness. She shook her head, now was no time to get sucked into another fantasy about him.

Hermione finished with his front and carefully rolled him over so she could asses his back. It was just as bad as his chest and belly but didn't take as long to heal. It was mostly covered in slashes and deep gashes, possibly from knives.

  When she finished, she wiped her forehead, not noticing that she had just smeared his blood on her face. She rolled him back over and climbed onto the bed next to him, pulling his head into her lap. He looked angelic when he was asleep, the deep creases in his forehead disappeared and made him look years younger. She stroked his hair, ignoring the grease in it as she reached into her bedside table and pulled out a few vials of emergency potions. Blood replenishing, dreamless sleep, pepper up and rehydration potions. She fed him each one, pouring them into his mouth and massaging his throat, encouraging him to swallow. He did, and soon she had fallen asleep with his head still in her lap and her hand still in his hair.

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