chapter twenty-five | beholder

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"Argh! Seriously?! Not again..." Kaito pouted as he hunched down, looking down at the game controller he was holding.

"I've beat you fifty-three times in this game now. Just give up, you're never going to beat me," Reaper smirked arrogantly as he leaned back, supporting the back of his head with both arms. "Plus, you've been trying to win for, like, three hours. If you don't want to quit, at least let me take a break. My back feels like someone smashed a two-tonne hammer made of titanium onto it."

"...Fine... But I'm not giving up!" Kaito announced, determined to win at least once against the guild's best gamer.

"Also, why is Waterfall here? Can't you just go to your own room?" Reaper questioned, raising a brow as he glanced at me sitting at Kaito's desk.

"Better reception," I muttered, typing in the guild's daily log. It was my duty, being the guild's recorder. I flinched as I felt a stab of pain at my right temple, pausing my rapid typing session to rub my forehead, hoping it would at least slightly ease the pain.

It had been happening ever since yesterday, nonstop. I hoped that it stopped soon.

"Understandable," Reaper said. He placed the controller down, stretched, and closed his eyes.

No words were uttered for a few seconds. Then Kaito spoke.

"Actually, Reaper, how'd you actually get into this guild?"

Caught off guard, the mentioned lightning mage opened his eyes. "Uh, well, I was told to."

"Told to?" Kaito arched a brow. I started to pay less attention to my computer and more to their conversation.

"Yeah. I was born in a clan. I was raised in a clan. That's where Grim and I got our Dream Eyes, they're a power passed down clan generations. We can only use them at night."

"Hold on... How about your parents? Do they have the power too?" Kaito asked.

Reaper's expression darkened. It seemed like that subject struck a nerve. "Yeah, from what I remember, they probably did."

I looked back. "Did?"

"They're dead. Killed by Morrison right in front of my eyes."

So that's why he and Grim wanted to kill Morrison so badly...

"And as you know, I'm a dragonslayer. That had to come from somewhere. Grim and I were raised by dragons after our village evacuated. The clan split up... Who knows where they are now," He paused and cleared his throat. "Afterwards, one day, we woke up to find that the dragons who raised us weren't there anymore. But they did leave a note telling us to find this guild and to join it. So that's what we did."

I didn't know what to say, except to stare at the desk in front of me, trying to register what the lightning mage had said.

"I'm sorry for the loss of your parents," said Kaito.

"It's fine, you don't have to be," Reaper answered. "'Least I remembered what happened to me. You don't even know what happened to yourself."

I couldn't remember much of what happened before I came to the guild either. Everything seemed to be a blur before that. However, what seemed to be unnatural was the fact that when I tried to dig up anything from my childhood, was that my mind always came to a blank, like it never happened. I shook away the thought and focused back on the present.

Kaito looked down. "You have a point..."

All of a sudden, Reaper sat up. "Speaking of your memory, I know a place that may help you regain some of it."

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