New And Improved Part 2.

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Just cause I love you guys! Enjoy! 😊👏Also wish me luck for exams!😭😫😑


The party has been getting louder by the minute and more crowded as time went by which I didn't mind since I didn't really care. I was currently showing Lauren around my house and we talked for a while. I wouldn't deny that Lauren was attractive women but I don't think she would really have a thing for me.  I know what the guys and girls were doing though but I wasn't really planning on doing anything today, all I wanted to do was watch Netflix and chill.

Lauren:"So whats on your mind Y/n?"She asked as we walked outside taking a seat on the pool chair.

Y/n:"Nothing...."I said making her giggle a little and look at me with those green eyes. Damn she's definitely planet green eyes....

Lauren:"I know you Y/n so tell me whats wrong?"She asked making me sigh.

Y/n:"If you want me to be completely honest I didn't want to have this party...I just wanted to sit and watch Netflix and chill....."I said making her nod.

Lauren:"I get that...I did the same thing after my break up"She said making me nod"Y/n I get you're hurting and stuff but you do know that they are trying to get your old self back right?"She said making me look at her slightly confused.


Lauren:"Me and Camila still talk you know...."She said making me nod"And the girls filled me in over the phone"She said making me chuckle a little and shake my head.

Y/n:"Of course they did...."I said making her giggle a little and smile at me.

Lauren:"You know you've gotten more cuter over the years..."She said making me look at her shocked.

Y/n:"Uh...t-thanks"I said stumbling a little making me mentally face palm myself.

Lauren:"Tell you what..."She said getting up and sitting next to me. She leaned closer to me making our faces inches apart making my heartbeat go insane"Lets have some fun at the party and maybe later we can have our on little fun...."She said letting her fingertips trace my jawline making me shiver a little"And I really would like to test your indoor pool out"She said making me nod like an idiot.

Y/n:"O-okay"I said making her smirk and nod waking up.

Lauren:"Come on Y/n...."She said making me follow her inside the house. I'm so fucked and I so don't care. I walked into the house with Lauren by my side making the guys and girls look at me smirking while Kendall had a unreadable expression on her face.

Abel:"Could we steal Y/n for a moment?"He asked making Lauren and nod and get dragged away by Ally and them. Abel dragged me to where the girls and the rest of the guys were.


Hailey:"Details Y/n!"She said making me chuckle a little.

Gigi:"Oh just say it!"She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Nothings gonna happen guys...we were just talking"I sad making them pout. I saw the guys give me a look making me give them a slight nod making them smirk. Don't get me wrong I would have told the girls but they would probably tell the whole damn party about it since they're wasted. The guys pulled me aside for a second.

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