New And Improved Part 1.

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(A/n:My life in one picture😭😭😭😍)


So far a few days have passed and everything has been going great. I bought the house and I already started moving the things in which was tiring. I had a moving truck deliver everything to the house and move it in and now I was just moving the small things that I had with me in. The girls and guys said that they would help me with grocery shopping and unpacking the stuff since they were free.

It took us two days to fully unpacked everything and set it up which was tiring but fun at the same time considering we did mess around a lot and have stupid fights.  I was currently getting the rest of my things out of Camila's place when my phone went off making me answer it.

Y/n:"Hello?"I said hearing a cheery voice making me smile.

Bella:"Hey Y/n/ us at Hails place when you done doing whatever you're doing"She said making me laugh a little and close the door locking it.

Y/n:"I'm on my way.."I said making her hum.

Bella:"Okay..see you just now"She said making me hang up and load the car. I hopped in my car and drove over to Hails place parking the car and opening the door with the spare key I have.

Y/n:"Honey I'm home!"I said hearing a few laughs. I walked into the lounge area and saw Gigi wake up and run to me jumping on me.

Gigi:"My baby!"She said hugging me making me chuckle and look at Zayn.

Zayn:"I ship it"He said making me chuckle and put her down. She kissed my cheek making me smile and greet the others. I sat down next to Kylie and sighed.

Y/n:"So whats up?"I asked making them all smile big.

Abel:"Well my fellow Stargirl we are going to take you shopping"He said making me look at him confused.


Tyga:"Cars...lots of cars"He said making me look at them and chuckle.


Tyler:"No buts! You told Camila that you sold your cars because it reminded you of Kendall and all the adventures you to went on together and its understandable that you didn't want any memories but come on Y/n! You're young!"He said.

Hailey:"Come on Y/n/n it'll be fun!

Kylie:"Plus imagine all the girls you will get"She said wiggling her eyebrows making me sigh.

Bella:"Y/n you drive the Range everywhere and don't get me wrong I love it but you look better in sports cars"She said making me laugh. I thought about for a while and sighed.

Y/n:"Okay fine-"

Gigi:"Yay! Lets go"She said pulling me from the couch to the door. Well she's excited.

Zayn:"Babe take it easy...Y/n requires a arm to drive"He said making her let go and mumble a sorry making me chuckle.

Tyler:"And do other things"He said making me go red while the others laughed.

Y/n:"Whatever...lets go"I said making them all get into my car. I started the car and pulled out of the driveway and made my way to the freeway"So where's the first stop?"I asked making them all think.

Hailey:"Bentley"She said making me look at her.

Y/n:"You taste is quite expensive Baldwin"I said making her giggle.

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