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I don't remember

How it happened;

It started as a feeling

Which grew into a thought,

Then it was a longing,

That I didn't know about;

When he pass'd

I found my eyes follow,

He didn't stop or pause,

I waited with my eyes low.

Then came the dreams

Starring him and his eyes

Clouded in light beams

They cut through like ice.

The way I thought he'd feel

My poor heart throbs

I never can deal

With what he robs:

From my heart

To my soul.

My eyes still dart

Aching for his role

In my Shattered life.

All that I've hoped for

I'll have to forget!

But how?

How do you erase?

Memories of this?

My dreams all raz'd

I wanted only his

Return of my love.

But now, I know,

When you hope for a dove,

You don't get it, no!

All you can see

Is a little feather,

Which drifts slowly

As time doers wander.

What do I do now?

I'm left blank.

Gonna leave it to fate

And sit back.

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