Chapter 38 - Flashback

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Cameron's POV

""Hello little boy what's your name?" An older woman in her forties asked me.

"Cameron," I confidently choked out.

"Alright, Mr. Cameron, your seat is over there by the boy named Nash, okay?" She added the 'okay' to make sure I knew where I was going. I nodded.

I ran over to a kid smaller than me. His hair was in a small quiff and he was wearing a black ninja turtle shirt with bright red vans. His jeans were surprisingly not ripped, but just a little dirty. "Hi," I quickly said as I took a seat next to him in a wooden desk. It was polished so kids wouldn't cut their hands or get slivers.

"Hi," Nash, I'm assuming, said back. "I'm Nash."

"I'm Cameron," I responded with a smile.

"How old are you?" Nash asked with some difficulty, he wasn't to big with words.

"Five," I said.

"Cool, I'm four, but my birthday is in December," he said 'birthday' with a baby voice.

"Cool," I smiled then turned in my seat. I decided to give the kid a break, maybe he wants to practice his pronunciations.

"So what do you want to be when you grow up?" he suddenly asked breaking the silence. I looked up at the ceiling and thought deeply about my answer.

"I want to be famous," I answered with a smile.

"Cool, I want to be an actor," he smiled back. "Wanna be friends?" He then asked.

I nodded while biting my lip, "Yes.""

"It's been eleven years, and I still remember that moment like it was yesterday. What am I supposed to do? He's always been there for me, he's like a brother. We even swore to not break over a girl, and its exactly what happened. Amara, help," I slipped down the wall.

"Cam, what am I supposed to do? Just make everything become better? I can't do that," she responded with a little attitude, but stayed standing.

"You always make me happy, tell me something or just help me," I yelled with tears forming in my eyes.

"Why don't you try to solve it yourself," she offered.

"Someone's on their period," I mumbled hoping she didn't hear, but a huff escaped her lips. "Sorry," I smiled. She lightly kicked my leg.

"You're a butt," she let more air out then normal.

"But I'm your butt," I smiled. She giggled.

"No, you're the pain in my butt," she pointed out.

"Oh yeah," I remembered.

"Cameron! The limo is here!" Johnson yelled with a smiled added onto the tail end. I looked up at Amara. She outstretched her hand; being nice, helping me stand up. I smirked then grabbed her hand, purposely applying to much force, dragging her down on top of me.

"Cameron!" She squealed as she landed into a straddling position. I smiled as her face became centimeters from mine.

"I have to become happy somehow," I admitted.

"Oh I can tell you're happy alright," She widened her eyes as she said that. I smiled again, then realized exactly what she was talking about. I blushed; she laughed. "Don't be embarassed."

"But I have to hide it when I walk to the limo," I pouted.

"Do you want your blanket back?" She asked as if I was two years old. I rolled my eyes but nodded, it was a good idea.

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