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you have been friends with the turtles, Casey, and April for about 3 years.

right now your hiding in the sewers because Leo yelled at you for being a Mole (some one who spies on there 'friends' and gives the information to bad guys) so you ran out not wanting to get into a fight. "(y/n)! were are you!" you heard someone yell. "(y/n) I'm not gonna heart ya!" you heard it a second time but closer. 'wait closer!' then the sound of Rollerblade's going by were you were crouched down made you ralleved it was just Casey your long time crush. "*sigh* i pray he wont fined me" you wiper a little bit to loud. "found ya, com' er lets go back to the lair" Casey said as he neeled down to your height "no, Leo thinks im the mole." you say as you back up to the corner " that was to trick Kari she was the mole we kicked her out and sent her back to the Shreedere"he said "fine but im not forgiving Leo" you said "you dont have to now lets go"Casey said as he helped you up. when you got on your feat he kissed you on the cheek and then headed back to the lair "you coming (y/n)?" he asked "yeah, Hey wait up!" you shout as you Ketchup to your new boyfriend.


by my friends

"Marcy were are you!!" damit thats mikey got to go 

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