Notice me Senpai! [ Chiba Ryūnosuke] (REQUEST)

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Requested by: uchihaclan4ever

I hope you enjoy this and it meets your expectations!


Chiba x Fem Flirty! Reader



"Chiba!" you squealed as he walked into the classroom.

All eyes turned on you, watching as you tried to make the male fall in love with you. What was your next attempt going to be? Sweat dropping as they thought about your previous flirty antics.

"What is it (y/n)?" the male questioned as he sat in his seat.

You walked towards his seat, hiding something behind your back. Leaning over the desk as you held up the object behind your back.

"Chiba can we please, please, please play the pocky game?" you pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

Souls were coming out of your classmates back. Karma who was sipping on his strawberry milk choked on his drink.

Chiba sat there silently, trying to keep cool. You watched him slowly breath in and out deciding whether he should play the game with you.

"Chiba~ You won't regret it~" you winked at him.

"I-I'm sorry (y/n) but I cannot play with you this game." Chiba coughed as he continued to finish his homework. Disappointed you headed towards Karma's seat to get advice. 

The class felt truly sad for you. (l/n), (f/n) well loved by many students in 3A. Moved to 3A because of her childish and flirty behaviour which was a bad image for the school. Many boys had feelings for you but you rejected them only wanting Chiba.

Everyday you would flirt with him, trying to make the boy blush or agree with you. However, he didn't fall under your spell. Your childish antics as each day you attempted to do something unbearable.

Tears welled up in your eyes, not letting anyone see you were crying, you quickly wiped them away. Karma looked at you with sad eyes.

"Students, I'm so sorry! I can't find my money somebody must have spent it on something. It was just enough to buy an icecream." Koro~sensei wailed as he waved his tentacles in the air.

All eyes looked at Karma. The red head only smirked. The bell rung and it was over, Karma walked towards your desk offering to walk with you home and you accepted. You winked at Chiba and yelled goodbye at him, with him only nodding.

Walking down the mountain, you walked silently in sync. Looking down unto the ground.

"(y/n), I think you should stop trying to flirty with Chiba. I mean you're cute and I'd totally want to date you and all but you shouldn't be so flirty."

"W-What do you mean?" you gasped.

"I mean you should stop, Chiba probably doesn't care about you... I'm very concerned for you." Karma gave an exasperated sigh, "Oh well, we're here at your home."

You nodded at the red, opening the door and bowing towards him before entering your home.

"(y/n) are you there?" your older brother sighed as you walked into the kitchen.

"Yes? What?" you questioned.

"Mum had to do some overnight shift and remember how dad went over seas to work on a company project."

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