= Chapter 40 =

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"You'll never be alone cause I'll be there with you from dusk till dawn."

-Jeremy Lockhart

"Damn, things really went down in that church huh?" Kai gulped after we related the entire incident. Pulling one more bandage over Jeremy's cut, I pressed onto it lightly.

"I'm fine Sky, you don't have to worry about me." Jeremy said for the millionth time, but I don't know what was wrong with me. I was feeling a strange emotion of panic the moment I saw the cut. To be honest, the emotions I've been getting recently were scaring me cause I never cared for someone's safety more than my mom's or Mateo's.

They hold a special place in my heart and somehow I felt that Jeremy was digging his own special place in my heart.

I didn't want him to break the walls that I took years to build back after Jonah. But I know that by each day that I'm yet to spend with him, he's going to tear down my walls—brick by brick.

And the best part is that he doesn't even know the things he does to me.

"I know, I know...I'm just wor–" I paused, looking away. Sensing the tension, Kai requested in a cheerful voice.

"JJ, the mail just came in today and I saw a letter for you, you might wanna go get it outside?" Jeremy held my eyes captive though Kai was talking to him. Somehow he's eyes told a subtle message along the lines – this conversation is not over.

Nodding his head, Jeremy wiped his palms against his sweatpants before walking out of the house. My eyes were trained onto his back the entire time and even when he walked out the door, my eyes stared longingly, missing his presence already.

"You like him." It wasn't a question. It was a statement. Kai's features were for once dead serious. Most people would probably ask whether or not you like a person but Kai...he knew it. And darn, was he confident about it.

"I don't know..." I mumbled out.

"So you're not denying it." He merely said.


"Look Skylar, I know how you feel. I liked a girl–what am I saying? I love her. But she left me for another guy, someone much more...mature than I was maybe but-" I felt the need to interrupt.

"I'm sorry Kai, that this happened to—"

"Don't be, I'm not sad to be honest, you know why?" I shook my head in uncertainty, still puzzled why he felt this way.

"I'm not sad because I knew I tried. Hell, I don't regret anything cause I spent one of the best two years of my life with her and I treasured every second with her. So when she left me, sure I was slightly sad but I knew that I did make something out of the love I had and I did change someone's life. I changed her into the person she is today, I made an impact on her. A huge one." He laughed to himself as if he was recalling some memories.

"Do-do you still love her?" I asked softly, clearly intrigued with his story.

"I never stopped loving her even when she left...Though she's engaged with some other rich ass guy because her parents forced her into it, I haven't stop chasing after her. I'll go miles until she's mine. I made a promise to not only her, but myself and her parents. I will never stop fighting for her—that's what love does to people. " he bit his lip, his eyes sparkling with admiration.

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