Chapter 2: sleep over?

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after I finished texting fresh I became gitty with excitement. I'm always so happy to spend time with he. I smile to myself as I got out of bed and went downstairs . I began to go through my pantry of food to set out snacks for when fresh arrived. I got two small Coke bottles and two bags of chips for each of us. I bring them over and set them on the table as soon as I do I hear the door bell ring. My eyes shoot open as a big smile creeps on my face . I quickly go over to open the door.when I open the door I see Mr.fresh standing there smiling." Yo Jam jam can I come in?" Fresh asked me .i nod in response and move out the door way to let him in .i shut the door as he walks in and I quickly turn around." Thanks for coming over Mr.fresh !! I'm so happy your here!" I said smiling wide a wave of happiness coming over me as I look over at Mr.fresh. " No probemo! I'm always free to hang with you jammster!" Fresh said flopping on the couch.i walked over to him and sat down next to him.the table that I set the snacks on was in front of us.fresh took a sip out of one of the coke bottles ." So jammy what do ya wanna do?" Fresh asked ." I was thinking of watching a movie! I barely ever get to anyway!" I said as I giggle a little.after that me and him spent some time debating on what movie we should watch. As soon as we picked a movie we put it in and set it up.fresh sat on the couch once again as I sat next to him. I sighed in happiness as the previews started . When we were about half way through the movie with out even noticing i moved closer to him.he must of noticed because not to later I felt him wrap his arm around me. I was shocked by the sudden contact but soon melted into the in brace.I leaned  my body against him and rested my head against his chest.i left myself blush as he held me tighter.
He was warm and so gentle making sure not to hurt me.the movie had about 45 minutes left but I yawned as my eyes became was 10:00 pm and I never stayed up that late.fresh must have noticed be a few minutes later he asked me" jammy ya seem a bit out of it.wanna go to bed?" I shook my head no.i felt my eyes close as I fell victim to sleep.i woke up slightly when I felt strong arms carry me bridal style up the stairs.i cuddled up to his chest as he held me.he set me down on my bed as he put me under the covers.i herd the door open as I mumble
" wait....mmmr.freesh.... stay...." I herd the door close." Are ya sure jam jam? I can sleep on the couch it's cool." Fresh said.he must have thought I said that because this was the only other bed room in the house besides my parents.but in al honestly I just wanted to cuddle with have him nest to me.he made me feel safe." Uuhhuu....pleeaase....stay" I said my words slurred together still half asleep.i herd foot steps on the other side of the bed.i felt the bed sink down a bit as I assumed he got in my bed my eyes still bed was relatively small and there was about 2 inches between us at most. I flipped over facing body instantly pressed against his.he wrapped his arms around my waist as I nuzzled my head into his chest.
i could feel him smile as he gently tightened his grip letting me know he had me.i rested my head in the crook of his neck almost on his shoulder.he was so warm .and gentle. I never wanted to let go. This was to good to be true."wait...did I have a crush on mr.fresh?! " I thought to my self .i blushed at the thought but decided to worry about it tomorrow and slowly drifted off into sleep.

I woke up as the golden light from the morning sun came through the curtains. I heard snoring from a couple of doors down assuming that my parents got home late last night and they were home now . I was glad that they were home now they can say good morning to fresh and meet him . Although they have seen him before they were never properly introduced i thought last night was all a wonderful dream but new it wasn't when I herd his soft cute snoring in my ear(?). I was in the same position I fell asleep in.i smiled to myself as I felt him hold me still.i never wanted to move. I felt him move a little as I heard him groan and move some more.he stretched his arms and legs but soon wrapped his arms around me once again. " morning jammy" he said in a soft ,soothing ,low  voice.i smiled and nuzzled into his neck again." Good morning Mr.fresh did you sleep ok?" I asked him. I was known to sometimes move in my sleep and was afraid I may have woke him a few times." Yea I slept were so calm during the night you didn't move an inch." He said chuckling.
I blushed " well that was because I didn't want to I was so comfy!" I said giggling." Sorry you had to carry me upstairs last night." I said feeling kind of bad for making do that." Oh no! Anything for you jammy I don't mind!" He said reassuring me that he was ok doing that kind of stuff for me.i felt special and it was sweet that he carried me upstairs." Thank you " I say just below a whisper." No problem jammy" he said as he held onto me.i had my arms tucked in under my chest enjoying the warmth. I felt his soft breathing on my neck which send a shiver down my spine."i think I like him!" I thought blushing realizing that I was cuddling my crush.
But he didn't make me feel nervous or uncomfortable he made me feel happy and safe.i was glad that he spent the night even though that wasn't the original plan. I shifted my position to look at his face and noticed he was still wearing his shades.
had he slept in those? And then it hit me. Never have I ever before seen his eyes.

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