Thirteen: Brothers

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"I can't tell them yet about this. I don't know how they will react together if they learn they are half-brothers," Hiroko said to Agent Hana. 

She understood Hiroko. She finally stood up and said, "I understand your decision ma'am but I hope, you honestly tell them about this. It is their right to know the truth. They may be half-brothers and only related to their fathers but they are both brothers. I am also sure that Mikoto and Kousei will be happy to know that they have each other. "

Agent Hana left after a while.


Wednesday morning, Kousei and Mikoto woke up at the same time. Both of them did their usual routines they got from the orphanage. They took a bath, wore their clothes and ate food that was laid down by Hiroko.

After a few minutes, she asked them to sit down on the couch. She definitely doesn't want to tell the truth yet to them but looking at it, she knows that she cannot let the secret a secret. She also knows that the pain of feeling empty could be cured if they learn their connection.

The brothers obeyed and sat on the couch patiently. After that, Daichi went inside their home and sat at the couch in front of them. Hiroko sat beside her husband while she is holding the DNA results. 

"I hope this helps the two of you," Hiroko said to them. She gave the envelope to Mikoto.

Mikoto accepted it, opened and read the document inside. He wondered who Arima Takahiko is until he remembered seeing it at the altar of Kousei's deceased parents. He was teary-eyed when he learned that he does have the same father as Kousei. 

He looked back up at Kousei and after that, to their stepmom and stepdad. "Does this mean we're brothers? Not just by legal papers but also with blood?"

The Seto couple is also teary-eyed.

Kousei looked back up at Mikoto and he also can't believe that he had met his brother after his biological father's death. "Is he really my blood brother?"

They all stood up from the couch and they had a big hug together.

"You're brothers, yes," answered Seto Hiroko after they all separated.

Kousei and Mikoto hugged each other after that. "I can't believe that the reason why Agent Hana put you in my room was that you are my brother."

Kousei also cried. "I hope our father in heaven is happy that we've known each other."

Daichi hugged Mikoto. "Are you now happy that one of your questions is answered? I know there are a lot of questions on your mind right now but for a while, please be happy and contented with this, okay?"

Mikoto nodded and accepted it. "There is still a lot that we need to know. Most especially, knowing that he is my little brother means a lot to me. I have always wondered why Agent Hana made us meet but I understand now. Don't worry, dad. I am glad that there are kind people who took us and would care for us."

A few weeks later, Seto Hiroko began training Kousei to play his piano again while Daichi began training Mikoto as his assistant in the clinic. He also could play basketball with him as well every Saturday and Sunday when they close the clinic.

Kousei actually wanted to play with them but after Daichi's physical examination with him, he learned that he inherited his biological mother's weaknesses. His body is weak and he couldn't be allowed to do hard jobs.  Of course, that made the brothers sad. Most especially, their interests are different. 

Daichi could see Mikoto as a professional basketball player while Kousei will definitely become a professional pianist. 

At their dinner time, while they are all eating seaweed, sushi, and chicken, he asked his brother, "I can't play basketball and you don't know how to play the piano. I wonder what the two of us can do together?" 

Mikoto put down his bowl and smiled, "It's okay, Kousei. Hmm... Why don't we watch movies together? Go into arcades and play games there? Also, studying together is a good bonding experience. We've been doing that ever since we met when we don't know our relation."

Kousei felt happy that his elder brother understands him. His words brought a smile to him that sparked inside him.

Daichi and Hiroko were glad that they have made a good choice to tell them the truth. Even so, they hope that there will never be a crack to their relationship and they would keep loving each other as brothers. 

"I'll take you tomorrow at the mall if both of you want to spend time there. I can also say that you should introduce him to your friends. I guess you are forgetting but you are going to be fifteen years old already," Seto Hiroko said to him. 

The two of them smiled joyfully. "Thank you, Seto-san," Kousei spoke up.

She coughed. 

"Um... mom?" Kousei spoke up. Calling her mom is still strange to him.

The whole family laughed at that.


When they finished eating, he already told Mikoto that he believes he can already sleep alone ever since they went to their father's altar. He had already moved on and forgotten the pain of losing his own parents. He is looking forward now and is thanking the Lord that he may have lost so many things before but now, he gained a lot more. 

He has a brother he can lean on and guardians who would keep looking out for them. 

He looked back up at the dark sky filled with stars outside of his room by the window. He is also wondering whether he will be able to forget the love he had over Kaori. Even so, he knows he will never be able to forget her but if given a chance, he knows that his heart would fall for someone again. He knelt and prayed. "Thank you for this day. Thank you for being with me."

He looked back up and thought of Kaori, "I hope you stay as my guardian angel, Kaori. Most of all, I hope I will be able to meet someone like you again."


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