Chapter 17: Chris' backstory

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Peter and Chris are still making their way to the center, praying that they can make it. They walked through the cold and dark neighborhood. "Are we almost there?" Chris asked, concerned. "I'm still worried about the others." "Me too." Peter sighed. "They could be in more than serious danger." "And, that's why we must continue making or way to the center." Chris said. "Before it's too late!" Peter let out a deep sigh. Good lord, we have to make it. He thought. I can't lose my family....and not Sarah either. "Oof!" Chris cried, as he ran into a large wired fence. Peter stopped before he ran into it. "What the hell?!" Chris cried. "When did THIS get here?!" "The real question is why did you run into it when you saw it??" Peter asked. "You have much better vision than me if you can actually SEE it!" Peter cried in shock. "Anyway, when did this get here?!" "I don't know." Peter said. "I've never seen this here at all before. I don't get it." "Well, how are we gonna get to the other side?!" Chris asked, concerned. "We'll need masks and golf shoes just to walked over the fricking wires on the top! And, we don't have any of the above!" "It gets worse!" Peter said, looking through the fence. "There are more fences ahead of us!" "Oh, god! What are we gonna do?!" Chris cried. "We don't even have a fricking key!!" Peter continued staring through the gate. He believed that there may be a possibility that they can get to the other side. "Chris?" He said. "How do you feel about climbing over wires?" "WHAT?! Are you braindead?!?" Chris shouted. "We're gonna cut ourselves like hell!" "What choice do we HAVE?!?" Peter cried. "Hogarth, Sarah, and Cassidy may still be alive! We have to take that chance and climb over the fence!" Chris looked down and let out a deep sigh. My god... He thought. This is gonna get ugly... But, it will be worth it.

After several hours climbing over fences, Peter and Hogarth walked in the middle of two fences (one behind them and the other far in front of them). Chris rubbed his cuts and scabs while limping next to Peter. Sometimes, he needed Peter's help when walking. "Worth it, my @$$." Chris said, slightly angry. "I have several cuts now, Peter. Brilliant!" "Calm down!" Peter cried. "We need to get to the center before it's too late, okay?!" "....All right." Chris sighed. "I'll do what I'm told, even though you're not my Dad. I just hope the others are not dead yet."


Hogarth sat on the ground against the right wall with one leg up while Sarah curled up against the left corner quietly crying and Cassidy looked out the window. "Do you see anything?" Hogarth asked quietly. "A red werewolf, maybe?" "No, nothing." Cassidy replied, not looking away from the window. "Just suspiciously quiet and peaceful air." "Very funny." Hogarth said, angry and sarcastic. "No, really. It IS quiet outside." Cassidy said, turning around and facing Hogarth. "Whatever..." Hogarth sighed, looking down. "Just make sure that there aren't anymore werewolves." That's what I've been doing. Cassidy thought, continuously looking out the window. Hogarth stared at a tearful Sarah, burying her face in her legs so nobody can see her crying her eyes out. Hogarth almost felt bad. But, not completely as he looked away from her. Stop feeling guilty, Hogarth! Hogarth thought angrily. She yelled at you and she can't undo it! EVER! Sarah slowly looked up and stared at Hogarth with feelings of guilt. Wiping her tears from her eyes, she attempted to get Hogarth's attention, "Hey....Hogarth? Can we talk...outside? ...........Please?" Hogarth selfishly ignored her and turned away. Then, he immediately faced her and shouted, "Outside?! Are you NUTS?!? What if #$%#ing werewolves were out there?!?" He looked away again while Sarah stared crying even more, her face buried in her legs.


After several more cuts, Peter and Chris made it to the other side of all the enigmatic fences. "My god, that was horrible!" Chris complained. "Do you know what my stepdad is gonna DO to me once he sees my face again?!!" "I don't even know your parents, Chris!" Peter snapped. "So, how should I know?!" "Well, your lucky as hell!" Chris snapped, almost tearing up. "My stepdad is a monster." "...........Why?" Peter asked. "What did your stepdad do?" "Can we sit down?" Chris asked. "I don't feel comfortable talking about him, but since we may die out here..." Peter helped Chris sit down on the curb of the sidewalk and sat down next to him. Chris let out a deep, deep sigh. "My real Dad was a sweet, sweet man." He started. "He loved being my Dad and I loved being his son. He loved me and he loved my Mom. He was just down-to-Earth. But one day, he got into a serious car accident. He didn't make it. Eventually, Mom remarried to a @#$%ing drunk and had a daughter who became my little sister." "But, if he was drunk, why did your Mom marry him?" Peter asked. "She could've been more careful with whom she married." "Have you been doing any research?!" Chris asked coldly. "Mom didn't even know the kind of person Jack is! That's his name. Jack. Anyway, he is just a nightmare to live with. He beat my Mom. He beat my sister. And, when Mom tried to call someone, he attacked her! And, whenever he argues at night, I lock my bedroom door and he would bang on it screaming, 'opening the @#$%ing door' repeatedly! Why do you think I bullied people at school?!!?"

Peter stared at Chris, overwhelmed by his crazy story. "Chris..." Peter said. "I...didn't know." "Yeah, because your family is much better than mine!" Chris shouted. "All I have is a stepfather WORSE than the Megacorporation and the Department combined!!" "Whoa, whoa, Chris! Your stepdad may be abusive," Peter cried, "but nobody can EVER top Lycanthrope Corporation or the Department of Hourglass services! You have a Mom that loves you and you've survived the Hourglass for months! All the survivors on this very year have survived! Your stepdad never attempted to kill you, hasn't he?" "No, but he gave me a tattoo!" Chris said sarcastically, as he lifted his shirt and showed a bruise on his left waist. "And, this 'tattoo' was recently placed on my waist. BEFORE the Hourglass just started. BEFORE my traitorous friend, Z, dragged me into this @#%$ing mess!" "Yeah, but you survived." Peter said. "You've been alive for months. You must be strong and know that you lived through dark times. Sure, you've bullied people, but you can change that. You can be strong around your stepdad, Chris. I know you can do it. I believe in you!" Chris almost managed to crack a smile at Peter. "I understand that the Hourglass is much worse now," He sighed, "but, what if he becomes a werewolf? Will he try to break into our house and kill us?" "I doubt it." Peter said, placing his hand on Chris' shoulder. "I'm pretty sure werewolves forget who they once were." Chris laughed a little and Peter laughed with him. "So, Chris." Peter said. "You bullied people because of your abusive stepdad?" "Yeah..." Chris admitted. "And, I'm starting to regret it. And, I'm regretting being friends with that idiot, Z. .....I'm sorry for bullying you and Sarah." "You know, Chris." Peter said. "I think we can start a very good friendship.........again."

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