On The Run (Sirius Black's Daughter)

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                  ~Cira Black's  Pov.~

         "Get out of here! Run! '' my father screamed at me and tried his best to fend of the dementors. My mother lay on the floor, giddy from the dementor's kiss and totally mental. In our world we say she has had the happiness. "No I wont leave you!'' I yelled back and whipped out my wand from my pocket. "Expectopatronum!" I yelled, summoning my happiest thought, and pointing my wand at the swarm of dementors. A sliver pool of light erupted from the end of my wand and transformed into a silver fox, repelling the demenotors. But only for a few seconds. A dementor swooped down ,when my patronus withered, and started to suck the life from me. "I guess my happy thought wasn't strong enough." I whispered when I fell to the ground, my wand dropping from my hand. "Get away from my daughter!'' I heard my father defend me. My last sight before I passed out was my father, Sirius Black, protecting me.


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