Big news

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Lexi was in her room, watching Netflix. It was around 4:30 and she was waiting for her siblings to show up. It's been about 2 weeks since she last talked to Jake, of course he tried talking to her in classes or hallways, but she always ignored him and walked away. She was pulled out of her thoughts from a text from the group chat.
"The Ree siblings"
Mason- hey guys we are gonna be a little late for dinner, but we have big news!
Katie- okay I will tell mom and dad!
Bree- omg this better be important because I was gonna skip dinner and go on a date with a REALLY hot guy!
Josh- selfish much?
Amanda- what he said
Alex- Bree we are not one of your "girlfriends"
Bree- you better sleep with one eye open Mr. Alex!😡
Lexi- would u guys stop blowing up my phone!! I am trying to do stuff!
Tristan- what kind of stuff lexi?!! 😳
Lexi- Netflix you idiot!! 🙄
Katie- better not be " Netflix and chill"😂
Mason- I go to check the group chat and this is what I see!!!😡😡😑😠😱
Lexi- I literally am watching Netflix The flash to be exact.⚡️(comment down if you like or watch the flash!)
Josh- Jonah, Landon go check on her.
Lexi- fine go ahead you won't find me doing anything but watching the flash.
     They both went in her room quietly, she was laying on her bed with headphones in watching the flash. They  decided to mess with everyone.
Landon-omg!! My eyes will never un see that!
Jonah- how did she even sneak him in?! She's definitely not "innocent." Anymore. I feel to weird saying the real word, it makes me want to vomit 🤢
Landon- LOL 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jonah- it was all a joke.😂🤣 she's actually probably asleep bye now 😂
       2 hours later(dinner time)
    Everyone was at the dinner table, about to eat. Landon was telling everyone what they did on the group chat. Everyone was laughing but Lexi's face was as red as a tomato.
" I'm gong to kill your sorry little-." Lexi was cut off by Mason and Hannah coming in. They both were very happy, and were holding hands.
" We have some big news!" Mason started. Everyone's attention was on the two of them, they looked at each other and smiled before Hannah said
"I'm pregnant!"
Sorry for a short chapter!!! I've been very busy!! I will try to get more chapters in this week!! Oh and big thank you to everyone again! This is my first story so no hate please 🤗

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