Chapter 3

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"Peace. Serenity. Harmony."

He repeated the words to himself over and over again for the past several minutes. The image of a river flowed in his mind. It was calm and quiet, maintained by his concentration and focus. Everything about the river sparkled and shone, and from it, he felt everything he had been saying.

"Peace. Serenity. Harmony..."

He was about to say his mantra once more when something happened. A voice, distant and heavy, whispered into his ear, "You cannot escape it..."

Images of a murky storm and a figure in white flashed before him. The darkness he had been holding back surged forth, blazing the river in its molten fury and polluting with it three things:

Emotion... passion...

... chaos...

He winced. "No... Not now. Not now," he whispered.

He struggled to not think of the memory. He focused on the river, on his words. "Peace... Serenity... Harmony..." His efforts paid off. The memory cleared away, the darkness and emotions attached to it faded, and the river was quiet once more.

Safe and sound, he opened his eyes from the river and to what had been a young boy's bedroom. He rose from the soot-coated bed and placed his feet next to an ruined model of a T-16 skyhopper. The smell of rot and air filled the long-abandoned room, and he coughed from the stuffy air.

'How did anyone ever live in a place like this?' he wondered before leaving the room.

The outside was just as ruined as the bedroom. He walked down the black-stained steps to the base of what was a giant crater for a home. There, what could have been moisture vaporators were melted down to the base. By the time he reached the base, a woman's voice called out to him.

"Did you find anything yet?"

He turned, the voice's owner nowhere to be seen. "Nothing!" he called back. "You?!"

Another voice squealed back in response. "Keep looking! We might find something here!" he told the two voices.

As the voice were muffled by their own search, he looked up to the sky, where Tatooine's twin suns were at their zenith. Even in the shade of the old dwelling, he felt their glare on him. "What more do you want with me?" he asked them.

An answer came to him. It was not the one he wanted as he felt something from beyond Tatooine's skies.


The shuttle Black Bones came out of hyperspace and gently floated forward like a ship on the open ocean. Rey, seated behind the pilot's chair, watched the stars blurred and focused into being. Her first time in hyperspace had been surprisingly smooth than she expected, and she had taken the time to eye the great blue tunnel in wonder.

The Finalizer up ahead was just as impressive. A Super Star Destroyer from the Empire's heyday, its sheer size was unlike any Rey had ever seen, enough to block out the planet it orbited. It was a dark shadow, and the rest of it was so dark it blended in with the stars.

Rey was not the only one. The co-pilot seated in front whistled, "Wow. She's a beauty, isn't she? Imagine what it's like to serve on there..."

"Save the dreams of glory for later. We have a job to do," quipped the main pilot. "Shuttle Black Bones, requesting permission to dock."

"Shuttle Black Bones, please transmit clearance codes for docking," said the voice on the other end.

"Transmitting clearance code."

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