"Elena! Wake up sleepy head!" Alfie said while gently shaking me. I groaned and squinted my eyes open. "What do you want Alfie?" I moaned before sitting up in bed to see Marcus, Chai and Caspar were also in my room. Great. "We want to take you shopping and for a little day out! We need to cheer you up! Please!" Alfie explained. I rolled my eyes and agreed leaving them to get out my room so I could get ready. I simply put on a fluffy white jumper, dark purple jeans and white vans. I tidied up my hair and applied my eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, I didn't wear that much makeup. I then applied my One Direction perfume, that Alfie brought me, and joined the boys downstairs. "Are you going to vlog this? Because I really want to be in a vlog!" I asked. "Yeah, we will. Chai doesn't vlog though." Marcus replied. I smiled and ate some breakfast before we all set out. It was crazy talking to a camera as we walked down the streets but I loved it. After they'd all film bits here and there Alfie and Marcus so would both link their arms with mine and we'd skip down the pavement earning some weird looks. I then played tig with Caspar and Chai, I swear we have minds of children. Once we arrived to the big shopping centre Churchill Square, we went to loads of shops more me to get some clothes. We had such a laugh. We then got milkshakes from Shakeaway, I had double decker and Oreos, before heading to the beach.

We were messing around when I saw Joe in the distance. He was with two girls, Zoe and another girl. Who was she? "Alfie... Joe's over there..." I quickly informed him. Alfie and Marcus looked in the direction I was pointing in and panicked. "Shit... he doesn't know you're here... Chai... hide her quick before he comes over." Marcus instructed. He nodded and grabbed my hand before hiding with me behind this huge rock thing so I could still see him and I could see what was going on. Joe greeted Alfie and Marcus and Caspar with a hug and sat down with him with Zoe and the other girl. "What are you doing here in Brighton, Joe?" Alfie questioned curiously as he held hands with Zoe. "Visiting Zoe with Niamh, plus it's sunny, I felt like going to the beach, besides Caspar's here and we live together." He answered. Alfie nodded. They carried on speaking so I took the opportunity to ask Chai who Niamh was. "Chai, who's Niamh?" I whispered. Chai looked like he didn't want to tell me, and I wished he hadn't. "Oh... Niamh's his girlfriend that Marcus told you about... they've been together for over a year..." He told me. My heart sank, she was much prettier than I was, a lot slimmer. However Joe seemed uncomfortable around her. She was clinging onto him and he looked annoyed. "What is she like?" I enquired. Chai scrunched up his nose and said "Horrible. She's only dating Joe for his money, we all know that, he knows that. She can get very nasty to Joe." That broke my heart, Joe didn't deserve that in a million years. "Then why is Joe dating her?" I insisted in a confused tone. Chai looked like he shouldn't answer me again. He sighed. "Honestly? To distract himself from you." He admitted. "Oh." I mumbled. I started crying again. Chai pulled me in for a hug and held me in his arms until it was okay for us to sit on the beach again. Alfie and Marcus and Caspar smiled sadly at me and individually hugged me to cheer me up. I loved them all so much.

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