Ch. 23 I love her, and I messed it up.

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~ Logan's P.O.V ~

I couldn't see anything, but I could hear everything, a few minutes later I got picked up.

I heard a car door slam.

I felt my head resting on a leg, I felt the person run their fingers threw my hair, I heard a whisper in my ear.

"Please make it Logan, I love you." I felt drops on my chest, it sounded like Ayla. Was she crying? I couldn't see her, I wish I could wake up, and kiss her, and tell her how much I love her..

A few hours later.

I heard beeping noises, my eyes start to open slowly. I squint my eyes and look down. I'm lying down and I see Ayla wearing the savage sweat shirt, adidas sweat pants, she has a messy bun, and her makeup was running.

She was looking at me, crying. I widen my eyes, and I sat up.

She jumps up and runs up to me.

She hugs me, and smiles.
"Ow..." I mumbled but hugged her back.
"Are you okay?!" She pulled away but still had her hand on my shoulder.
"Yeah I'm fine, I think.." I itch my head.
"What even happened?"

She was silent, her smile faded, she wouldn't tell me.. She just kept quiet. She looked away from me, I cupped her chin and turned her head to turn towards me.

"Ayla.. What happened.."
"You and Jake got in a fight because.." she started to tear up.
"Because why?" I frowned at her.
"Because you cheated on me.." she looked away.
"I what-"

I remembered what happened..

I cheated because I was being black mailed.. Brianna was jealous, she said if I don't date her.. She would get guys to hurt.. Ayla.. I thought she was just lying, but she wasn't.. she introduced me to one of the most dangerous gangs.. I know Ayla won't believe me, I don't even deserve her.

"Why did you cheat?" She looked at me.
"You wouldn't understand." I looked at her.
"That's what they all say, you know you could just say you don't love me.. You don't have to say that shit." More tears strolled down her face.
"Ayla.." I look in her eyes.
"Excuse me." She runs out of the room.

I start to feel dizzy, my eyes started to close.. I felt like I couldn't move.

I passed out, I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't see anything, I couldn't feel anything, I couldn't move..

I couldn't do anything.

It felt like I was held down, I already knew she fucking hates me.

Ayla and I lasted for as long as we could, but I think that's the end of our relationship.. She's never gonna talk to me again. We went threw shit together, I would do anything for that kid. I gave her a promise ring that I would marry her, I fucking love that kid.
She makes me, me. I can't take being by myself without her, I love her way too much and I fucked it up..

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