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Nathan's P. O. V.

Last Night.....................

"Okay, but what does me taking her back to Arizona for a few days have to do with anything?" I speak into the phone running my hands through my hair.

"Well, like I said certain things can trigger everything. Like how you told me she spaced out when she was staring at my front door. See I don't k ow if she told you or not but she has PTSD. I tried to help when she had first got to town but you know how stubborn she can be at times."

"Wait so you mean to tell me? That my girlfriend, the mother of my children, Lahlani Caterson had PTSD this whole time?" I question making sure to dragging out the word whole.

"Wait so you really did not know? I thought she would've told you. Either way you witnessed first hand and you saw that she had all of the symptoms for PTSD."

"I don't know how I did not notice that."
"Okay so as I was saying, Lahlani blocked out majority of everything that's happened in the past few years-"

"How do we unblock everything?"

"Nathan? You want to unblock all of it? Are you sure you want to do that because it will have a bad out come."

"I am not sure. I don't even know if we can. What do you mean by bad outcome?"
"Well memories can be triggered. By anything really. I mean why do you think she spaced out in front of my house yesterday. You said that she hasn't done that since before the baby shower. That's what Arizona has to do with all this. As you know Lahlani lived in Arizona with her ex husband before she came to town. You say you want to trigger all those memories your going to have to take her back to the place where most of the damage happened. Well that and I am getting letters in the mail about the house it being that it is all now in her name. But you need to get whatever you need to do off your chest as soon as possible because as soon as she is back their, there is no telling how things will go. So make sure you consider your options carefully"

"Alright than. Thank you Anne for the help. I guess I have a big day ahead of us because I don't think I can withhold her past from her while knowing the truth. Bye Anne and thanks again." I say before hanging up.


"Okay... We'll call you when we land." Lahlani informs Emily as we are handing the attendant our boarding passes.
"Kiss the twins for Nathan and I, bye we'll call you later." She says into the phone nodding her head before hanging up.

The attendant hands us back our passes and we board the entrance of the plane. Lahlani noticeably walking ahead.

Letting out a sigh I walk faster catching up to her in only a second. I grab ahold of her small warm hands turning her around to face me.

"Lahlani please tell me you are not mad at me." I say as we walk hand in hand to our seats and she doesn't even turn look at me.
Thank god for military discount cause I need to get to our seats and fix this problem because I do not need he upset with me right now.

Finally finding our seats I let her take her seat first before I take mine right next to hers.

"I am not mad at you its just that I don't want to be away from the twins. I already told you this." She pouts before staring out at the window.
I once again let out another sigh and gently placed my hand under her chin turning her head towards me.

"Baby, believe me, I don't want to be away from them either but this is important. I want to tell you why. But I can't you will understand why this is so important soon. Do you think I would be doing this if it wasn't? Cause believe me I wouldn't-"

"Nathan you do not understand... They are barely even 2 months. We shouldn't even be thinking of going out of town right now." She looks into my eyes making me unable to look away.

I stare at her at a loss of words. I was really hoping she wouldn't be stubborn but I should've expected it. I'd rather have her memories triggered now than later when it has been months. And I just know that Lahlani being who she is will be upset with me and blame me cause She'll think that I've been keeping everything from her. I rather get this all over with and get her the help she needs now. The soon the better. Because j want to see her truly happy even with her memories. I don't want to go threw knowing that there is a risk that she can snap at any given moment and her memories can just come flooding back to her.

"Sir? Excuse me." An attendant calls out bringing me out of daze.
"I'm sorry what were you saying." I ask looking over at the flight attendant that was trying to get !y attention seconds ago.

"We are about to take off. You need to buckle your seat belt. The seatbelt sign is on." She informs me with a noticeable fake smile. As she gives Lahlani a look while do as told as if I wasn't paying attention still but I was.

"Excuse me is their a problem?" I question already getting annoyed.

"Oh what ever do you mean sir?" The attendant responds looking between Lahlani and I. I let out a chuckle realising exactly what the look was about.

"Well I am just wondering why you are still here. Surly their are other passengers on this plane who seatbelts are not buckled. So why don't you go do your job instead of giving my fiance your unnecessary glares. Because of the color of her skin. We have our business why don't you go mind yours. Thank you for taking up 2 minuets of my life that I will never get back. Bye bye." I bluntly state causing her eyes to widen. And Lahlani to look at me in surprise looking as of she was trying to hold in her laughter.

With that the attendant stomped away mumbling things under her breath that I do not care acknowledge.

"Fiance huh?" Lahlani smiles raising her eyebrows.

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