Donnie X shy reader

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you were thinking about taking the guys to your cabin for the weekend along with April and Casey. "....guys I'm here....hurry..up....  please." you said you see your a very shy girl that has very few friends. "(Y/N) YOU CAME!!!!!!" Mikey screamed "ugh....Mikey why so loud...." you said "oh sorry (y/n) I didn't mean to be." Mikey said "hey (y/n) your here" Raph said "hey were are the others?" you asked "on there way down now"Raph said "oh..okay" you said "hi (y/n) you all ready to go?" Leo asked "ya....every the van" you said "hey (y/n) your here 5 minuets early." Donnie said "h-h-hey D-d-Donnie." you said trying your best not to stutter.

*********************time skip***************

"hey (y/n) can i ask you something" Donnie asked "y-y-ya d-d-Donnie" you said "um.. i was wondering why you stutter when we talk but if your talking to any of my brothers you don't" Donnie asked "um....I-I-its b-b-because i-i-i like y-y-y-you." you stuttered out 'dang it i stuttered' "well if that's all i have one more question"Donnie said "s-shot d-d-Donnie." you said "um..will you be my girlfriend?" ha asked "...........YES....i mean yeah." you said


good by my fluff balls of happiness :) 


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